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    Question Hamburg, Germany

    I will be visiting Hamburg in mid-April. I am staying near the Hamburg Messe, very close to the train station. Can anyone recommend some stores for fragrances that I should visit while I am there? I am familiar with the Mönckebergstraße, so I would prefer to stay within this area if possible. Thank you for your advice!

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    Just a wee update on Hamburg...

    The best outlet of niche perfumes I came across in Hamburg was:

    Grosse Bleichen 23

    They stocked an excellent variety of fragrance and perfumed products for the home. The staff were friendly and accommodating. Just a portion of their stock included:
    Montale, Diptyque, Byredo, Frederic Malle, Esteban, Etro, Miller Harris, Escentric Molecules, Parfums Generale, Robert Piguet, Marc Buxton, Creed and so on.

    On the flipside, the highly touted Perfumerie at Hamburger Hof - whilst boasting a staggering range - had sales staff who were rude and pretentious and made you feel looked down upon. Despite my knowledge of their range being really rather vast, I couldn't help but feel my insights and opinions were insignificant and somehow tiresome to their ears. As a result I pocketed the €300 I had planned to spend on Washington Tremlett and Mona d'Orio and exited the store toute suite!

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    Thank you for the information on Harald Lubner, Dimitri . I will be back in Hamburg in May of this year, and I'll certainly be visiting this shop. Will probably visit the Perfumerie at Hamburger Hof just to see their selection.

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    The Alsterhaus (Jungfernstieg) has a wall with niche scents. It's not all that shiny presented, but there are quite a lot of niche brands and you won't be bothered by anyone if you just want to take a look around. There are testers of even very pricy stuff like the Amouage perfumes. I don’t know how competend the personel is as i don’t care for their opinion, but they were at least nice and polite.

    The Karstadt (Mönkebergstraße) has a Shiseido counter with all the Serge Lutens stuff, but i don't think much else.

    HL and Hamburger Hof are the places to go, though. Good luck!
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