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    Default Layering TBS oils

    I could've sworn that I once saw a thread on this forum with recipes for combining The Body Shop perfume oils, to simulate other perfumes or create unique fragrances. It was about the oils, not the Invent Your Scent range. I was excited because it seemed like a really fun and inexpensive way to experiment with layering.

    But I've searched and searched the forums and can't find it back! I did find the thread about creating a Musc Ravageur clone with TBS oils, but I thought there was a thread where someone posted a number of different recipes.

    Can anybody find the thread I'm thinking of? If I've lost my mind, and the thread never existed, please suggest any TBS layering ideas you have anyway!

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    Default Re: Layering TBS oils

    ::Rubs hands with ill disguised glee::

    Current TBS Oils:
    Ananya, Cinnamon Spice, Fuzzy Peach, Strawberry, Japanese Musk, Cosy Cashmere, Tea Rose, Dewberry, Satsuma, Coconut, Woody Sandalwood, Indian Gardenia, Lemon Tea, Patchouli, Vanilla, Cassis Rose, Pink Pepper, Neroli Jasmine, White Musk


    Moondeva's Crazy Combos:

    Cassis Rose + White Musk
    Cassis Rose + Tea Rose
    Cassis Rose + Ananya
    Ananya + Fuzzy Peach (Tresor)
    White Musk + Neroli Jasmine
    Woody Sandalwood + Cinnamon Spice
    Satsuma + Neroli Jasmine
    Cinnamon Spice + Ananya
    Dewberry + Patchouli
    Dewberry + Vanilla
    Vanilla + Coconut
    Tea Rose + Dewberry
    Vanilla + Patchouli
    Japanese Musk + Tea Rose
    Japanese Musk + Cassis Rose
    White Musk + Japanese Musk
    Satsuma + Cosy Cashmere
    Strawberry + Cosy Cashmere
    Woody Sandalwood + Cosy Cashmere
    Cinnamon Spice + Cosy Cashmere
    Ananya + Tea Rose
    Dewberry + Cosy Cashmere + Woody Sandalwood
    Dewberry + Cosy Cashmere + Patchouli
    Dewberry + Vanilla + Patchouli (Angel)
    Woody Sandalwood + White Musk
    Vanilla + Cosy Cashmere + Woody Sandalwood
    Vanilla + Cosy Cashmere + Patchouli
    Vanilla + White Musk
    Vanilla + Coconut + White Musk
    Vanilla + Cassis Rose + White Musk
    Vanilla + Coconut + Neroli Jasmine
    Ananya + White Musk
    Ananya + Pink Pepper
    Pink Pepper + Woody Sandalwood
    Neroli Jasmine + Indian Gardenia
    Indian Gardenia + Cassis Rose
    Lemon Tea + Satsuma
    Lemon Tea + Vanilla
    Pink Pepper + White Musk
    Indian Gardenia + White Musk
    Pink Pepper + Cinnamon Spice
    Pink Pepper + Cosy Cashmere
    Lemon Tea + Cinnamon Spice
    Pink Pepper + Dewberry
    Pink Pepper + Strawberry
    Ananya + Indian Gardenia
    Indian Gardenia + Coconut
    Indian Gardenia + Coconut + White Musk
    Pink Pepper + Patchouli
    Lemon Tea + Patchouli
    Indian Gardenia + Patchouli
    Indian Gardenia + Woody Sandalwood

    I think this maybe the tread you are seeking:
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    Favourite (Winter) Crazy Combos

    Tabu + Orange Blossom * Hermes Rouge + Bellodgia* Voleur du Roses+ Rose Ispahan * Rasa Extreme + Paris * Wood Coffee + Cafe Noir *

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    Default Re: Layering TBS oils

    Thanks Moondeva! That's exactly what I was looking for.

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