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    Default Tester Fun: Navegar, Or My Life in a Barrel

    pg. 211

    "I began my life as a pirate, like many other young boys, at the tender age of 12. My parents were poor - even in today's crazy market you don't make a lot of money turning fish heads into votive candles. So they put me out to sea aboard the leakiest boat they could find.

    Little did they know that with my permanent scowl (thank you tetanus!), lack of table manners, and just the right amount of moxie, I quickly climbed the ladder of seamanship to become a Captain. Oh, joyous day, when they gave me my parrot and eyepatch and silly hat!

    But my joy would be short lived. You see, I had passed a few men over in seniority when they made me captain, and with my new parrot and four teeth, I was the subject of many a vile rumor. A few men, driven to drink by the wide availability of rum and the lack of cures for scurvy, decided to mutiny. Ah mutiny - the dread term that makes women weep and strong men quake in their beds at night. But it wasn't that bad. They let me keep my parrot, but they stuffed me in a rain barrel and pushed it over the side, which to their thinking would certainly lead to my demise.

    But as I'm writing this story, obviously I have lived. But I'll tell you... life in a barrel isn't all that fun. Barrels smell funny, like green things sometimes, cedar and hedge trimmings. Unfortunately, they can also smell like lime powder and dill, which isn't very nice. But underneath all that pile of greenery, there is a bit of sweet coconut, but why in the name of sea captaincy would you want to smell like a barrel?"

    And that's Navegar, folks - a lightweight, green-smelling fragrance that starts off nicely enough (I don't think it's lawn clippings like some of the notes I've seen - it's more sappy than that), and there seems to be something like the pencilly/ pencil lead/pencil shavings note in Passage d'Enfer, but it does turn towards dill and limes and coconut, so it reminds me (as a wine guy) of cheap Aussie wine aged in kiln-dried, cheaply made, resinous American oak. It doesn't do too much after that - it just sort of sits and radiates quietly - dill and coconut and a touch of powder. Low longevity and sillage, to boot.



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    Default Re: Tester Fun: Navegar, Or My Life in a Barrel

    wow. you should be unleashed on Chene!

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    Default Re: Tester Fun: Navegar, Or My Life in a Barrel

    Yeah, Zachary, I really wanted to like Navegar too. Wore the sample three times at least, hoping it would take over my nose's interest.

    No go. It's one of the simplest, purest, and most confident watery, woody, aquatics out there, and in a field of redundant aquatic scents it somehow really stands distinct, but it doesn't do anything but stay shy. It's a wallflower of a scent.

    I know it has its fans here, and I hope they'll chime in about how good the pirate life is, but for me I don't think Navegar is going into the fragrance museum in the sky.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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