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    Default Stardust and the impending journey of woe

    I was lucky enough to get a decent quantity of Stardust a few weeks ago, and I've completely fallen in love with it - the longevity of the lime is the most surprising thing, and it's such a soft lime too.

    But why the woe? Well, I know that my supply isn't going to last forever (especially given the rate at which I'm wearing it), and with it being as rare as hen's teeth, I need to preempt the terrible day when my supply disappears in one last glorious spray, and find me a nice alternative!

    I notice that there are plenty of lime fragrances out there, but which of them can provide me with my smooth Stardust hit?

    I humbly await your suggestions

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    Default Re: Stardust and the impending journey of woe

    I don't think there is anything quite like Stardust for Men.
    That mexican lime note lasts and lasts and lasts.
    The base accord is great too.

    Although I haven't worn it for quite some time, it remains in my Top 10.

    I happened to find a 100ml bottle at Nordstrom a year or two ago
    that I'm keeping in its box, unopened. I figure I can make a substantial
    profit on this one, at the prices they fetch on Ebay. I keep holding out
    hope, however, that this fragrance will eventually get produced again.
    The perfumer mentioned that he might sell it (the formula, I think)
    to another company. So, maybe it will be offered under another name.
    I think the reason it's not sold now has to do with legal issues over
    use of the Stardust name, but I'm not certain on that.

    Anyway, enjoy this one. It's pretty unique.
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    Default Re: Stardust and the impending journey of woe

    Thanks for the info, there's definitely hope that it might resurface one day.. but perhaps it will be called... Darstust!

    If he is offering the formula for sale, I'm surprised that none of the 'labels' have picked it up yet, as it could seriously be a world beater if mass marketed.. mind you, it'd lose that special feeling if that were the case I suppose.

    I guess I'm going to have to keep on looking out for ebay bargains until he passes his secret on!

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    Default Re: Stardust and the impending journey of woe

    I paid a considerable amount for a new bottle on ebay and then sold it to a Bnoter for the same price I paid.

    I personally found the lime note offputting, but it was certainly unique.

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