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    Default Matching Your Fragrances

    I was wondering if you guys every match the juice of your fragrance to your clothes...

    I find myself doing that quite often...If I'm wearing brown I may go with Gucci PH. Or If I'm wearing a black suit, white shirt I'll go with a bottle of Varvatos.

    I don't do it often, but every once in a while.
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    Default Re: Matching Your Fragrances

    Yes I match to the clothes most of the time. When I ware my darker work clothes (deep blues, and blacks), I usually spray Rive Gauche. Brighter colors get use to get Nobile but now get Chrome, a LIGHT spray of D&G PH or I go with one of my drawer full of samples.

    Jeans and a T, I wear Oscar.

    Sporty: Style in Play

    Going out scents vary between A*Men, B*Men and D&G PH. Depends on the clothes and my mood.

    Next month I'm buying my spring/summer scents and things will change.

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    Default Re: Matching Your Fragrances

    Did that just today. Decided to wear lots of blue to Nauticas Latitude Longitude. But I don't really do that normally.

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    Default Re: Matching Your Fragrances

    Are you kidding? I wish I could be that organized in my thoughts of what to wear. (clothes and scents)

    To start with..I own about 50 different blue or green shirts. I am a khakis and jeans guy also. Blue and green are the only colors that seem to go with my fair skin and brownish/red hair. I am spiffy enough but a little too 'Ralph Lauren' in my approach to dressing.

    So I guess what I am saying is that based on my dress habits, I would never wear anything but Chrome and Polo Blue if I attempted to match my scents to my clothes. How boring would that be?

    I guess my scents are the flashy part of me. Sad huh?

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    Default Re: Matching Your Fragrances

    I just caught myself doing that yesterday, although I never consciously set out to do so: When I woke up, I felt like wearing Rive Gauche, but I realized I was running late so I didn't have time to iron the black shirt I was planning on. I switched to an earthy brown no-iron shirt, and I knew that RG just wouldn't go. I made the call to switch to Floris Santal which was a good match for the warm colors.

    Of course I made time for the black & RG today.

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    Default Re: Matching Your Fragrances

    This is a really interesting thought. I don't really think I do it much. However, I know that I'd feel kind of weird wearing a thick sweater with Kenneth Cole Reaction because I feel that's more of a summer scent. Likewise, I can't imagine wearing a t-shirt with my newly acquired M7, unless I'm just lounging around at home.

    However, I do have one shirt...a sexy black button-down...that I always wear Bvlgari Black with. That combo makes me feel incredibly sexy and confident.
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    Default Re: Matching Your Fragrances

    Office(long pants and long sleeve shirts): Creed GIT, Creed M.I, RL Silver Romance, Bvlgari Extreme, Leau D'Issey, Guelain Vetiver, CK One
    Afternoon Coffee(jeans and casual t-shirt): A*men, Givenchy VI,
    Clubbing(jeans and smart shirt): A*men, Le Male, Paco Rabanne Black XS
    Dates(whatever): Creed GIT, Gucci Envy, Dior Pur Homme, Dunhill Desire,
    Gambling (jeans and shirt): Bvlgari Black
    Outdoor Stuff (casual wear for beach): Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise,

    Still not quite sure what to do with: The Dreamer
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    Default Re: Matching Your Fragrances

    Some days I coordinate the scent to the clothes I'm wearing, but today I matched my clothes to the fragrance. I wore brown to complement Rocabar.

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    Default Re: Matching Your Fragrances

    Sure, it sort of makes it easier to decide what to wear. Everything has a color, a season, a style of dress, and a time of day. It all very complicated but sometimes I buck tradition just for fun, like with what I wore today, all black, I probably would have worn M7, Baie De Genievre, or even John Varvatos but I chose MI.

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