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    Default Varieties of Route du Thé?

    Quick question for other fans of this "stinky tea" classic: I was just curious if there were various incarnations of this scent? I've used the original and really like it, but was sent a few samples along with a recent swap and one of them was a Barney's "Route du Thé Homme." It seems in the same realm as the regular, but is noticeably different (but equally nice!) Looking on the Barney's website and in our own directory, I see only the original. So, I'm curious if there was once a men's version that has just been discontinued, or is it still in production but just not as popular as the original? Or, perhaps, are they the same scent and the sample I received had just turned?

    Looking around the Japanese Barney's website, I see that they DO have a men's version:

    But, it isn't listed for sale on the American Barney's website. Anybody know if it is still produced on this side of the pond?
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    Default Re: Varieties of Route du Thé?

    I just recieved a sample of the Men's version so it sure exist alright. And I can't belive the reviews here either! What is this, a stinky fragrance? Nonono, it has the same appeal to me as Bvlgari Black and V.I.P. Room Signature fragrance. So luxurious and velvety soft I just can't believe it! Extremely sexy I must say. I need a bottle! Right away! This is sooo good. It tones down quite fast, but the remains smell really good too. I have to come to my senses now and write something more in the deep about this one.

    So, looking at the japanese Barneys, it seems kind of cheap? Is this one hard to come by?
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