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    Default My holy grail fig, Ichnusa

    Profumum has some quality stuff out right now, but Ichnusa stuck out to me as an excellent fragrance on their part.
    Starts out as a dry fig leaf, and mellows out, adding grass and darkening the fig note. Simple yet sooo effective for me. It also has great longevity. Not so knowledgable about sillage though. Anyone else on the board tried it?
    - Rich

    PS - Since buying 3.4oz is $195 and out of the question for me right now, I wouldn't say no to splitting a bottle down the middle with someone, or we could even go three, four, five, or six ways. If anybody wants in on an Ichnusa group buy, let me know, and if anyone of those people have the connections to get the 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, or 50ml decanting or just plain old bottles, let me know too.
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    Default Re: My holy grail fig, Ichnusa

    I tested Ichnusa and gave it two fives (check my wardrobe)
    Fishbone Fragrances has every Profumum except Ichnusa right now. I hope that's a good sign meaning she's sold out. Pretty sure she's a Basenoter too.
    Shoot her an email - I've given her lots of positive ratings on ebay buying decants.

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    Default Ichnusa

    R$ -

    Yeah, it's a great fig. Better than Davidoff's 'Good Life'. I just wish that it wasn't so muttering sweet on the back end (which is a problem I find in a lot of Profumum's scents).



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    Default Re: My holy grail fig, Ichnusa

    I find the Jo Malone Fig & Cassis to be my fave...
    How does this one stand out among others?

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