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    Default Three More Testers

    So I've been running through the testers I got with Mechant Loup recently, and here are three more:

    Heeley's Spirit of the Tiger - this was exactly as advertised on the Luckyscent website - it's an updated Bay Rhum - , but I couldn't find an entry in the Directory for it. Talk about smell like a pirate! From the start, this is cooling and medicinal, with topnotes of menthol and cardamon and some alcohol, but give it 30 minutes, and a wonderful core of warm spices comes out, things like cinnamon and cloves. As it dries down, there are some notes of sweetness, perhaps some musk and white chocolate. It's very well put together, but it's not for people who don't love that sharp/green top and big spicy heart... which I do.

    Heeley's Eau de Cedre - the paper tag on the sample says 'Cedre Blanc', but the entry in the Directory says 'Eau de Cedre'. Either way, this doesn't seem very cedary to me. It does seem like green figs and cut grass - maybe they were trying to come to a cedar accord without using cedar at all? It's light and delicate, but it's nicely pretty in a Spring-y sort of way. Over the hour I wore it, it didn't seem to change all that much, but I'll report back once I wear it again.

    Parfumerie Generale's Ilang Ivohibe - I have no idea what this might be - it's not in the Directory at all, or on the PG website. Perhaps this could be 'Yuzu Ab Irato'? I'm thinking it might be because there is a very pretty and delicate topnote here of exotic citrus, along with wisteria, candy floss and a resinous/green note. This has some sillage and longevity, and as the day wears on, the purple flowery aspect of this comes forward. Beautiful harmony and complexity - this is a scent image that L'Artisan could have come up with, but didn't. It's what Lovely would like to be when it grows up.



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    Default Re: Three More Testers

    Nice reviews, you sound like you have a lot of experience with pefume. What's next on your list to sample?

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    Default That's the Funny Thing


    I'm fairly new to good fragrance, but I have a background as a wine geek, so descriptors come fairly easy for me, though I don't have enough of a base of knowledge to know some of the primary descriptors (I haven't smelled tonka bean solo yet). I also don't have the experience to know what fragrances are like other fragrances, but that will come with time.

    As for new things to sample, I don't know. I need some time to think about the newest things I've got before I go out on a sampling binge. But rest assured... when I do, y'all will know



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