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    Default First Purchase

    I am new to the cologne/perfumes scene and am planning to make my first purchase of several colognes tomorrow. I have been reading this forum for several weeks now. It is hard for me to get to a good store to test (I am 17 and don't have a car), and am planning to buy without testing them first. I was thinking of getting:

    Body Kouros
    Rive Gauche
    Gucci Envy

    The goal of the fragrance is pretty much just to get more girls and improve my image.

    I also tried a friends Monsieur Balmain and am planning to get a bottle for myself. I also tried and liked Tsar but it seemed a little too old for me, but i may get it later.

    Would these be good fragrances to start out with for the intended purpose and for my age? What would you get if you were me?
    Since I'm buying blind, does anyone really hate any of these fragrances? I'm under the impression they are all pretty safe and most people like them.
    On an unrelated note, what are people's thoughts on Magnetism by Escada? The aphrodisiac premise seems interesting, but is it a good scent?

    Thanks for your help
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    Default Re: First Purchase

    Welcome to basenotes. I'm glad you joined up! Now you can asked all the questions you've been wondering and I'm more than glad to answer what I can. I don't try to know everything... or do I....

    I think you have 3 really great choices for you age, social situation, and function. I would hope that you have looked up the reviews for these scents because the note pyramids can be missleading. Here are my views on these scents.

    Body Kouros - YSL is truely unique but this is not one of the scents that exhibits that great side of this house. It is a sweet oriental. It is one of my favorite sweet orientals. It is sugary, and I think it will get you a little more attention. You have to be careful and spray this one in moderation as you don't want to be pissing anyone's nose off.

    Rive Gauche - Woody and masculine. It has patchouli and vetiver, which work very well in this scent. I don't smell the patchouli but that is just my nose. I think that you will get more attention with this scent because it is far more unusual, but not in a negative way.

    Gucci Envy - This is a combination of the first two. It is a woody oriental. It's masculine and sweet with spices and woods mellowing out to a nice warm base. It is one of my favorites and very popular for you age. I think it is the best choice for you, so far. It was one of the first fragrances I bought. It was love at first sniff. That never happens.

    Those are my thoughts on what you have chosen. I would add something refreshing with citrus or aqua notes to balance out the group. Otherwise, you'll have nothing to wear in the summer. I acutally like Rive Gauche in the summer but you might want something else to go with it. My suggestions in order of how much I like them are: Geir(Geir Ness), Neroli Sauvage(Creed), Live Jazz(YSL)

    Good luck on your hunt. I hope your picks end up being what you thought they would be.

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    Default Re: First Purchase

    Are you buying online or visiting a store? Try to go to a store if you can - get someone to drive you there - you will definitely want to smell these first. That way you can choose something that suits your personality, which is the most important thing. Remember, whatever you choose, you'll end up smelling it all day, and it will do nothing to improve your image if it doesn't feel right, makes you nauseous, or reminds you of your math teacher.

    (I know you didn't ask for more suggestions, but one that's quite popular with girls your age is Marc Jacobs for Men. I'm 22 and my favorites are Burberry Brit for Men and John Varvatos.)

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    Default Re: First Purchase

    Thanks for the quick replies

    EnvYuS, Monsieur Balmain is pretty much an all citrus scent that lasts a very long time, at least for me. Ive looked up reviews ratings and forum posts for all the scents I'm thinking about getting. I'll also probably get Live Jazz at some point in the summer. Since I may be going to college in Houston I'll have much more use for summer scents then just during the summer. I was just there and it already feels like April or May.

    Oh jeez, my math teacher, she just smells of chalk. she walks by and you see a cloud of chalkdust. But I understand your point and will try my hardest to get to the store. The worst that happens though is that I sell it to another kid for maybe a 5 buck loss at most.

    Also thanks for the suggestions. I've looked at all of those colognes but thought the ones I selected to buy first were safer. Probably in a month or so I'll get Marc Jacobs or Burberry Brit. I don't know if the leather in John Varvatos would fit for me.
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    Default Re: First Purchase

    Quote Originally Posted by jdev
    Also thanks for the suggestions. I've looked at all of those colognes but thought the ones I selected to buy first were safer. Probably in a month or so I'll get Marc Jacobs or Burberry Brit. I don't know if the leather in John Varvatos would fit for me.
    Pffffft... Just get them all!

    Envy is a great choice that will work ok in summer due to it's woods.

    Body Kouros doesn't work so well in warmer weather. I had this when I went to Houston (For the K-State-Rutgers game. We lost by a lot.), and it didn't work out so well. It was OK inside, but outside it smelled like I was sweating pure sugar, and was kind of kiddish in the heat.

    I don't like Rive Gauche, so I'm not going to recommend it.

    Marc Jacobs is a reasonably safe blind buy, if you like fig and coconut (which I do), and it is a superb warm weather fragrance.

    Burberry Brit smells good in warm weather. It smells best in the fall/spring. It's one of my all time favorites, but not a safe blind buy (It was for me, semi-blind). Some people get a real strong powdery note, but I personally don't. You've made some great choices (except for Rive Gauche ), so go for it! Go to the department store and go CRAZY!
    - Rich
    As always, disregard most of what I say. It's not worth your heart health to actually worry about what a 23 year old guy from Kansas thinks. Even if he is really ridiculously good looking.

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    Default Re: First Purchase

    Having never tested Envy and Rive Gauche, you may be surprised and disappointed with the results. Definitely test before you buy.

    It may not be easy, but spend a day testing fragrances. You'll likely find something that surprises you, and hopefully represents you.
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    Default Re: First Purchase

    Of those listed I prefer Envy.
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    Default Re: First Purchase

    Curiosity got me to try Body Kouros today along with the range of Chanels in the local shop.

    Hearing a lot about BK on this site led my temptation.

    Had the original Kouros in the 1980's and for compliments it was hard to beat.

    Recent revisit put me off Kouros as Spanish girlfriend hated it.

    Body Kouros is a different story though. Beat the Chanels hands down. Will be my next purchase.

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    Default Re: First Purchase

    I would recommend that you get a range of samples or decants and give them a try. Really, you can read all you want about a fragrance but you never really know until you try. And when I say try, a week or two is ideal but do a full day or two at a minimum.

    If you have one near you, go to a Sephora store. They are very good about giving out samples. Their selection is not the greatest but it is acceptable for someone just starting out. Another option is decants. A lot of people on Basenotes sell decants of fragrances. Decants are a very good way to either test a fragrance or add variety to your wardrobe.

    Of the three you mentioned, I'm familiar with two.

    Envy is a very good fragrance which is well liked by most people. Certainly one of the safest choices for people new to fragrances.

    I gave a brief test to Body Kouros. The key word here is brief. I just didn't like it, finding it overpoweringly sweet. I tend to avoid overly sweet fragrances so I didn't explore it too deeply. That being said, for what it is, I think it is a very good fragrance, I just don't like that type of fragrance but a lot of other people do.

    One fragrance not on your list that I would suggest you take a look at is Vera Wang for Men. It is relatively easy to find and get samples of but it is not that common so you will have a lot of other people wearing the same scent. It is also a really great, young, playful fragrance which is well liked by women.

    Finally I would also suggest Kiss Him by the Rock group Kiss. It is actually a really good fragrance, is modern and is popular with the women.
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    Default Re: First Purchase

    I'm 19, not much older than you and got interested in fragrances not too long ago.

    I got a bottle of Body Kouros a couple weeks ago after a blind buy and it was not really what I expected. At first, I thought it was way too strong and mature for me. It is good and is how everyone on here describes it pretty much. I'm keeping it, but it is not an everyday scent I would be wearing to classes. Maybe once in a while to mix it up, or any evening events with a girl perhaps =]

    I suggest looking for something light and fresh. An aquatic scent perhaps? Maybe something with an apple note. I just got Bulgari Aqua and like it a lot, very fresh. It is something I would certainly wear regularly.

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    Default Re: First Purchase

    welcome. let me tell you that gucci envy has always shine when i wear it. its very consistant with getting compliments from the ladies. but for your first frag i would get a few samples from somewhere first, also theres a big world of frags out there so dont limit it to those three for starting out. i know the next move can get complicated huh. anywayz welcome and the good people here at bn will get you right.
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    Default Re: First Purchase

    Jdev, since you said it's your first purchase and you will not test them... please be careful.

    The fragrances you mentioned are not so safe, and not everyone likes them.

    I would never recommend Envy for a 17 year old, especially in your situation. To be honest, despite of liking Envy, I'm sure this frag is heavily overrated here in Basenotes. Believe, it's not as versatile as posters seems to believe. And, if you think Tsar is too much to your age, it can probably happen with Envy.

    Body Kouros? Even more risky.

    Rive Gauche? Well, I can't comment about it, I didn't tested it enough.

    I suggest that you search a little more on the directory.

    If I were you, I would give a serious try to the Bvlgari products (especially Bvlgari pour homme and Bvlgari Aqua). It's pobably what you're looking for. Very safe options, girls certainly love it, and they fit your age. Wanna a little more risk? Take Bulgari Black.

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    Default Re: First Purchase

    So I've thought it over and now Im thinking of getting

    Body Kouros
    Bulgari PH
    Monsieur Balmain (I've already tested this)

    The only one I'm kinda unsure about now is the Body Kouros. However I tend to like sweet fragrances which makes me think I'll like it. What about Dreamer or maybe Versace Man instead?

    I think I really need to try out marc jacobs before buying it. So until I get to a good store I don't think i'll get it.
    I have decided to get Dreamer over Body Kouros. It seems like I would be the right age for it and for the intended purpose it seems good as well.
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    Default Re: First Purchase

    i would suggest cool water. that was my first cologne i bought for myself. Try Platinum Egoiste. It's a little sweet, but more fresh/citrus and clean/masculine than sweet. It lasts a long time and projects from your body well too.

    Guess man is another one of my favorites. It's sweet, clean, fresh and light. It lasts a good amount of time. It's got some kind of apple note in it that smells great. All the ladies at Macys recomended it to me, and after testing it for a while, I went ahead and bought it along with the deodorant and body wash and a cool carrying bag (the gift set at macys is 63 dollars..not bad for all the stuff you get)

    good luck.

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    Default Re: First Purchase

    I think you should test Dreamer before you buy it blind -- the opening might turn you off until you become more accustomed to colognes, so it might not be good for your first one. I think Envy would be a safe blind buy, but you might want to try it first if you have not gotten used to Orientals. I think of your revised list, Bulgari PH would be safe to buy blind, as it is non offensive and would fit a 'clean' image.

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