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    I remember reading a thread about perfumes smelling completely different depending on the distance you sprayed from, and i've been intrigued ever since. Maybe it's just in my mind, but when I spray from a further distance, the top notes seem to last long and smell strong, while the way I did it prior, nuzzle almost touching my arm, I seemed to get almost no top not longetivity, but a longer middle note.

    Anyways, i'm just wondering if there are any spraying tricks, in order to accentuate a certain part of a fragrance more, or the special places to spray to get a more desirable effect, more silage, longer duration, ect. . I remember reading somewhere that it was particularily good to put it behind your ears as it is a place where you have more accumulated pheramones, which mixes with the fragrance to give the "you" smell, as well as prove a smell when someone's screaming in your ear at a loud club. So far i've only tried the traditional wrist, neck, and chest. Sometimes the hands, when I just wanted to smell it, but on the hands it goes through all the stages really quickly and completely dissapears in an hour or so.

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    some people reckon spraying on pulse points such as the wrists and behind the ears tend to pump out more sillage due to the "warmth"

    some also reckon the hair is another area to attain greater longetivity....hmmm...seems kinda scary to me...
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    I've been trying using half-sprays over more of my body (still holding the bottle a ways away) rather than just 3-4) full-blast sprays. And of course it all depends on the frag, itself. Obviously stonger frags get fewer, lighter frags get more.
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