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    Default A 'Tour' of Men's Fragrances?

    Hiya everyone!

    I'm not really new to the world of fragrance, but I'm definitely new to men's colognes. To date, I have really only seriously smelled a few...

    To date:
    1. Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse (I have a bottle of this)
    2. Terre D'Hermes (oddly enough, very similar to Zeste to my nose)
    3. D&G Homme
    4. Acqua di Gio (grr!)

    Can anyone suggest a 'sampler' of mens' fragrances? Like a 'this is what you need to know about men's colognes?' tour.


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    Default Re: A 'Tour' of Men's Fragrances?

    I'd recommend:
    All around, day use: Chanel Pour Monsieur and Antaeus
    Evening scent: Dior Homme, Knize Ten, L'instant de Guerlain
    Spicy: Hermes Belami, MPG Secret Melange
    Green/Fresh: Guerlain Vetiver

    I think any of these might be good ones to help you get going. They range in price from afforable (you can get Vetiver online for $20 or so) to pricier (MPG Secret melange is around $100, Creed is more than that), but all are ones that you might like, or at least should try once while discovering men's scents.
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    Default Re: A 'Tour' of Men's Fragrances?

    Honestly your best option IMO is to go to your local Sephora (Saks or Neimans would be even better, but like you I'm from Pittsburgh originally, so I know thats probably not gonna happen), get a bunch of sample strips and go to town. I'd spread it out over a couple of visits if you can because your nose is likely to get fatigued. If you're lucky you'll find a sales associate that knows what they are doing. More than likely you'll have to depend on yourself, but its a fun experiment regardless.

    If you want to get more specific, on these boards it seems you'll hear the most about: Guerlain Vetiver, Mugler Amen, Dior Homme, Gucci Envy, Chanel Egoiste and Creed Green Irish Tweed. Not the most diverse group but its a fantastic start.

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    Default Re: A 'Tour' of Men's Fragrances?


    Opium pour homme
    Bvlgari pour homme

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