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    Unhappy Fleur du Male: Drum roll please....

    ....and yes, against all good sense, I ventured out into the post-workday traffic (yikes!) to try JPG's latest creation, now available in Canada.

    Firstly, it should come as no surprise that its repainted housing obviously indicates that the juice is at least related to the original fragrance. And indeed, the resemblance is obvious if no less than 90% identical.

    Admittedly, the start carries a fresh note - the orange blossom flower no doubt - that quicky subsides to reveal a very smokey heart that is somewhat acrid to my nose. Like the original, but heavier, more distinct. The drydown is all but imperceptibly the same as Le Mâle. It also bears a similarity to Gaultier2 in that kinda in-your-face JPG signature composition.

    Anyway, I don't much care for the original any more and this one brings nothing new to the table IMHO.

    In fact, for those of you who are familiar with Jacomo Rouge ($19.95 at the pharmacy), they seem to me, well, 99% similar after the first three minutes.

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    Default Re: Fleur du Male: Drum roll please....

    Sorry that you're disappointed.

    And yes, I'm still looking forward to trying it (and it looks like it won't be long before it's available Stateside... Macy's is saying late March/early April), but not with all the nail-biting I was doing. Still, the description you said sounds rather dull, to say the least.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Fleur du Male: Drum roll please....

    oh man! and i was expecting it to smell different to LeMale (wich i don't like).
    i'll have to wat and see...

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Fleur du Male: Drum roll please....

    I found Gaultier2 resembled LeMale all you're saying Fleur de Male resembles it too... how incestuous!

    Does it have that 'Bubble yum' note that's in Gaultier 2?
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    Default Re: Fleur du Male: Drum roll please....

    Actually, the first notes are all over the map. As it settles in, it has a kind of burnt toffee/rubber note like Gaultier2, bubble gummy, I suppose somewhat.

    It's hard to say as I don't care for it enough to let the nose linger.

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    Default Re: Fleur du Male: Drum roll please....

    Wasn't this announced for April? I love Le Male and I definitely want to try this.
    As soon as I read, back then, that the bottle will be in the same shape, I thought it will be a version of the original Le Male. Perfectly fine for me.
    And Gaultier² is very different from Le Male, imho. Antidote, L'Instant and Envy all are closer to G², although none of them reach its nuclear sweetness.

    BTW, why is there a review for it already, from December 07?
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