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    Default Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    What are your recommenadtions of really good perfumed bodylotions/crémes?

    Not all of the bodylotions/crémes are good, but some are really fantastic.

    I would be very thankfull for your answers, as it mostly is impossible to get a try before buying.
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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    Korres, many butters, and Almond milk-The Land of Milk and Honey. Giardino Italiano Olive Apricot & Almond, Caswell-Massey & Eucerin with added essential oil.

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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    Hard to make recommendations when we don't know a) what "good" means to you (quick absorbing? lots of fragrance? does/does not leave a light film?) and b) what's available to you there in Sweden!!! (I lived for a brief while in Stockholm - on Kungsholmen - and remember lots of very smart shops. But that was - gasp! - fifty years ago and I don't know where YOU are.)

    But I digress. I prefer lightly or no-scented body oils/moisturizers with a jojoba base because I have dry skin and unless I'm underscoring a fragrance I don't want conflict. So I stock up on Body Shop Body Butters of various scents, pure jojoba oil, (RTamara talked me into Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil which I take to the masseuse and let her rub it ALL OVER) Got a teensy sample of Kingdom Body Lotion in a gift set and it is Fantastic.

    Will be interested to see what other responses you get!! :bounce:
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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    Recently i was given Avon's Today body lotion (not that i even wanted it or anything: i do not wear body lotions, i go as far as sunblock but that's about it), because the woman thought it was kind of a heady floral mess on her and didn't know what to do with it.
    So she thought of me and how much i like scents and stuff.
    I then wore it one day after some "delays" and then it had a great summery, coconut-like (coconut cream not coconut water that is) and ambery tones that i now love very much.
    It's funny how skin chemistry works.
    But i think the main problem was hers i think , because i "tested" it on some other women and most of the time i got that coconutty note.

    Cheap and easily available, give it a try, just for kicks, and tell us what happened.

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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    I think guerlain lotions are well done and "match" their fragrances nicely. Many people rave about Angel body cream, but not being angel-ic, I could not comment on that one. A recent favorite of mine is Cabotine lotion which is thus far my preferred form of this scent. I have had less favorable experiences with
    Rochas lotions. The Floris lotions and shower gels are also enjoyable.

    I've received a few gift boxes in my time, as you might guess. The guerlains and cabotine I will continue to buy when I see them at a good price.

    BBW has a nice selection of body balms...heavily scented and sure to clash with whatever non BBW fragrance you have.....unless you coordinate this well. I think my new EL Peony would be nice with BBW peony cream.
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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    Yes, Korres ones are unique in that they never become sticky. And they come in nice different smells.

    I find Opium and Angel body products the best bang for your buck. They are really concentrated and last amazingly well. They even smell better in some aspects than the real thing!

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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    Thank you so very much for your answers!

    As I am wearing bodylotions regulary, because of allergy of fellow-workers for perfumes, but not bodylotions, I want to get a small collection of really nice bodylotions.

    I am looking for some lotions/crémes that are true to the perfume, perhaps even better, or at least good-smelling and nice to combine with the frag. I do want it to be good quality, too, being easy to get into the skin.

    I have the bodylotion of Guerlain Shalimar, and that one is really really nice, and true to the middlenotes of that frag - at least compared to the EdT, the only one I have smelled. So I guess the tip about Guerlain is correct, thank you for that. I might get me some more bodylotions from Guerlain.

    It is a pitty I am not so fond of either Opium or Angel, otherwise they would have been good kandidates to my colleciton of bodylotions.

    I would be very happy if more BN:s writes about this subject.
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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    I think I have read on this board that Coco in bodylotion (or was it creme?), is very good.

    Estee bodycreme is very nice; my mother got this as a gift from american relatives in Seattle many years ago.

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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    I'd like to recommend the Rococo by Joop! body lotion. Its not very close in smell to the perfume but it is nevertheless gorgeous stuff. It has a distinctive note in it that I think must be peony, as it says on the tube that it contains extracts of peony. The scent is very long-lasting on my skin and the lotion has a subtle shimmer which makes it lovely to use before an evening out.

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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    Hi Margareta

    I recieved Burberry Brit body lotion as part of a gift set and it's almost better than the perfume itself! The perfume can become slightly cloying on me but the body lotion is perfect for those days when your nose is a little bit tired and you just want to smell good without standing out or throw a massive sillage. Try it, you might like it.

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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    Taolady, I am so glad you like the Weleda Wild Rose body oil, I love it too!
    My friend has the body lotion in this fragrance and it is divine. I had trouble finding it in our local stores.

    Margareta, some body lotions that I have tried and enjoyed are:

    Blossoms Natural Bliss Blue Gardenia (wonderful for layering with Nirmala)

    Shiseido Energizing Body Creme (luscious!) (can stand alone)

    Benefit "Touch me and then Try to Leave" Body creme (Marvelous, very feminine frag and makes your skin feel like satin) (can stand alone or be layered)

    Caswell Massey's Mango Beach body lotion (I thought at first that this would be too overwhelming, but loved the scent so much that I tried it and have found it to complement Coco by Chanel beautifully, adding a soft and sheer sweetness to it) I think I would like to try the Coco body lotion, I bet it would be lovely.

    I like to browse our local Whole Foods grocery store. They have wonderful lotions with essential oils and natural ingredients that I like. Lotions with shea butter are especially skin softening.
    Hope this list is helpful. I like this thread.
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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    I have Feminite du Bois lotion and it's fantastic, but very hard to find, even in Europe (I found mine on a trip to Munich). Expensive!! A very economical and lovely lotion is Yves Rocher Voile d'Ambre, it's just gorgeous, neroli, cardamom, and amber.
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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    I got a packet of Pink Sugar Body Mousse as a freebie once. I sometimes wear a bit on my hands when I'm just sitting alone in my apartment. It's a guilty pleasure. It's a really nice mousse, too. A little goes a very long way. I've had that packet for quite some time.
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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    I've had good luck with D&G Light Blue, Cartier 'Panthere' cream is gorgeous. One of my favorites now is Eau D'Hadrian lotion. Used with the EDP it adds a softer lemon meringue feel. The cypress note is subdued in the lotion.
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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    I've heard amazing things about the L'Artisan and Editions de Parfum Frederic Malle lines. I am DYING to try the ultra rich body buerre that Malle produces. It sounds heavenly rich.

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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    Oh yes I have Creme D'ananas by L'Artisan! I won a full size NIB off eBay for £1! YES ONE POUND!!!

    Its incredbile stuff, really lovely heavy glass jar with a little spatula to use with the wonderful creamy cream.

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    Default Re: Really good perfumed bodylotions.

    Thank you for sharing your exepriences! I will try the ones of your suggestions that are possible for me to find! And I guess others might get ideas for bodylotion-buying from this thread, too!
    Faves right now: Chanel No 19, Stella Rose Absolute, L´Heure Bleu, Elixir de Merveilles, Samsara.

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