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    Default patchouli, musk and amber

    I'm slowly learning how do the various notes in fragrances smell, but I'm still confused about these three. Patchouli and musk are listed in so many frags, so is amber. How does patchouli smell - is it woody, sweet, sticky? More than musk, or less? And amber? I know it is difficult to describe smells, so I'd be glad for some tips on fragrances that are heavy on patchouli/musk/amber. Preferably current mainstream (I can go to Sephora or Marionnaud) or something from my wardrobe.
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    Default Re: patchouli, musk and amber

    Patchouli = The Body Shop Patchouli perfume oil
    Musk = Jovan Musk Oil
    Amber = Meadowsweets Amber fragrance oil (
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