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    Cool blind buy advice

    As a relative newcomer to this board I was intrigued by the concept of blind buys...kinda exciting waiting for the delivery and the ultimate test. This is how I bought Ungaro III, which has become one of my favorites. Now that I've said that though I had a chance to smell a couple that I planned to blind purchase based on reactions from this site and had the shock of a lifetime. I know that tastes are subjective but I had the "experience" of smelling Bvlgari Black. I literally smelled like a unique combination of baby vomit and diarhea for the rest of the day. I have NEVER smelled a less appealing smell in my life...even the drydown was gag inducing. I know some others LOVE this scent so to repeat the great advice given on this board...TRY BEFORE YA BUY.

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    I made the mistake of purchasing Guerlain's Heritage. While I didn't have quite the same reaction you did, it wasn't far off. The opening was pleasant, but after half a minute, it became dry and peppery and I felt suffocated. Whenever I see a member post they've found their new HG, Heritage, I think of my experience with Heritage and remind myself to test before buying.
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