Long before Al Gore invented the internet , I was somewhat into smelling good. Gucci pH, Polo (I think it was just called Polo) and English leather are a few I wore in the late 70's and early 80's. Not long after that, I discovered Romeo Gigli, Santos and I think there was a musk from Gucci or Cardin or...heck I don't remember, but the thing is, other than knowing I liked what I was wearing, I really never paid attention to any of them. Cologne was just part of getting dressed for the day or evening.

I don't think I ever threw a partial bottle in the trash, so I still have some of those lesser used frags. One of the lesser used colognes I have is Egoiste cologne concentree. Today I dusted it off for the first time in probably 8-9 years. It had only been sprayed 4 or 5 times when I decided the overwhelming booze smell just didn't work on me. When I saw that about 10% of the bottle was gone I thought some of it might have evaporated. Then I was wondering if it was even any good anymore, so I sprayed it one time on the back of my hand. To my amazement, it wasn't off, quite to the contrary, it was on...right on.

What happened? I know nobody used any of it other than myself and I know I didn't use much of it at all. Another thing is the spray pump is regulated in a manner that sprays about 1/3 -1/2 of a spray compared to many other bottles I own.

Could whatever ingredient it was that didn't work on me have evaporated from the bottle. It's still very strong and even with the reduced spray mechanism one spray is plenty, but it isn't that toxic alcohol smell anymore.

Any Ideas?