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    Default Help making a decision.

    Don't want to clutter up men's frag forum with this.
    Basically, I have no method of testing fragrances right now. No car, limited time with school, and literally no shops that contain cologne around.
    I just need a little more variety to my drobe, because I can't wear most of my scents in most situations(school being such a closed environment, and all).
    As you see, I'm currently stocking..

    Issey Miyake - wonderful, great anytime, but I don't want to wear it every day since it's more expensive than most things I have/can have
    Guess Man - fine, can wear it whenever and it's dirt cheap online so I use it most
    Victoria's Secret - just a 1oz bottle that is half full, I can wear it whenever but I want to reserve it as much as I can for certain ocassions
    Allure Sport - 1.7, probably 2/3 remaining(can't tell), hard to find at decent prices so I don't wear it much. though it's my fav of what I have.
    Envy - 3.4, I tend to only like this at night time, so it doesn't get used up as much. but it's cheap and I'll wear it at night
    Jake - there's maybe 1ml left, haha, anytime scent
    Visit - not often worn, and worn lightly because it's so loud. only in really cool weather, I kinda love it on rainy days.

    So I tend to wear Guess Man and Envy most, with the ocassional Miyake. I really don't wear the others that much at all. Weather will be turning up soon, presumably. I've been thinking..

    Aqva - a lot more interesting than Guess that I can wear often
    212 - haven't tested, but sounds nice and I can assume the same for this as for Aqva
    D&G PH - same reason as Aqva, more interesting though
    Platinum Egoiste - I don't have anything like this IMO, and I remember liking it
    London - I remember trying this and totally digging it, but I'm not sure how it'll be for warmer weather
    Polo Double Black - tested once and can recall it being somewhat similar to the VS For Him 1, and much cheaper to buy I think(and longer lasting, VS goes for about an hour =/)
    XS - haven't tested, seems to be in the same category as PE

    I sort of want to get two; something lighter like D&G or Aqva along with something richer like London or PoloDB. I fear Aqva may get tiring. I'm mainly looking for something I can wear often so that I don't shoot myself after smelling Guess and Envy all the time. Long lasting is a plus. I guess you can suggest your own things too, but don't suggest something just because it's your favorite scent.. do some analytical work.
    Long post. What's your call?

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    Default Re: Help making a decision.

    I think you will like 212. I think you should get the 212 and the D&G pour Homme. They are not similar and will balance out your drobe a little bit. You might want to look for something floral, with rose maybe? Just a thought.

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    Default Re: Help making a decision.

    I would really encourage you to try before you buy. If you look in the "Items for Sale" section there are a lot of people selling decants. One that I would suggest you take a good look at is Markc. He sells really small, sample size decants at killer prices and has a wide selection. I've also had very good dealings with him.
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    Default Re: Help making a decision.

    Yeah, I know, I usually do, and I did try most of them already. But I've become pretty good at determing what a fragrance smells like and how well I'll perceive it just from research, and I feel pretty safe with the the selections I've listed.
    Envyus, I'm digging your suggestion, but between the two which would you say I should get more?

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