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    Smile Various Sandal wood Frags

    I know that there are quiote a few Basenoters who have had extensive experience with various Sandalwood Frags.
    So I have a couple of questions.

    Can anyone tell me the difference between Caswell Massey Tricorn and Sandalwood colognes?

    Does Art of Shaving sandalwood cologne smell anything like their sandalwood aftershave balm?

    Hos does the Art of shaving stack up against the Caswell frags?

    Thanks a bunch all.


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    Default Re: Various Sandal wood Frags

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    Default Re: Various Sandal wood Frags

    Recent sandalwood frags that I have enjoyed:

    Etro Sandalo : The sandalwood in the top notes smells great, but its gradually overtaken by patchouli. Still, pretty good for an EDC.

    Creed Jasmin Impeatrice Eugenie: Will leave you disappointed if you are looking for a full blown jasmin frag. But the real star here is the smooth creamy sandalwood - hints of jasmin provide just the right amount of diversity in the formula. Easily unisex, and well worth seeking out if you like sandalwood.

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    Default Re: Various Sandal wood Frags

    I've got both the Caswell Massey Sandalwood and the AOS. The CM is really quite dry; it's not bad, but not nearly as smooth and pleasant as a lot of the other Sandalwood fragrances on the market. In the heat of summer, it might work better than it does during the wintertime, but overall it's not my top choice.

    The AOS has some citrus and eucalyptus notes in the top, so it feels a little medicinal. After a while the sandalwood comes through, but again, there are a lot of other sandalwood fragrances I'd search for before investing in full bottles of these. NEvertheless, if I had to choose between the CM and the AOS, I'd definitely pick the AOS. It has a lot more going on and isn't quite so dry and (for lack of a better word), bitter.

    That being said, if you want to give them a try, just PM me. I have plenty of each that I'm not using very much...
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    There is something slightly sweet in the drydown that makes me love AOS - sandalwood. It lists vanilla in the base, but it is not a vanilla sweetness. The first hour, the eucalyptus and fir needle dominate on me, but after that it is smooth sailing.

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    Default Re: Various Sandal wood Frags

    The Caswell Massey sandals almost have ZERO sillage on me & very little longevity

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