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    Default Newbie question: Day and night scents

    Hi people!

    How do you make the difference between scents recommended for day wear and scents recommended for night wear?.

    I am a super newbie in the world of perfumes, so please, forgive my ignorance

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    Default Re: Newbie question: Day and night scents

    As a general rule during the day you are more inclined to be at work so a more professional, less provocative fragrance is called for. In the evening you are more likely engaged in romantic adventures so something romantic and attention grabbing.

    Think of the difference in how you dress to go to work vs how you dress to go out on a date and apply these same rules to your fragrance choices.

    Take a look at the Basenotes awards. They have categories for Day wear and Evening Wear to get an idea of what fragrances fall into what category:
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    Default Re: Newbie question: Day and night scents

    You'll also notice that night scents tend to be a little heavier. That is because the night is cool and dark. Something a little more heavy is acceptable, depending on the season and weather situations. It also depends on where you are going, or not going. There are subcategories that you have to think about, on top of day/night in order to come up with a good pick. Some people don't really distinguish the two. It is all personal preference. The common way it goes though is light, agreeable scent for the day and darker, heavier scent for the evening.

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    Default Re: Newbie question: Day and night scents

    during the day you want your fragrance to smell fresh and clean not too overpowering- I would go with Hadrien by Goutal for men and women or a great one would be Wall St by Bond for men. For women i would love to see something like eau de ny by Bond or Fresh Cucumber could work. You would want to stick to something that blends in but makes you smell great.

    In the evening you could be more mysterious- Wall st would still work or you could switch to Bleecker or maybe Vetiver by Guerlain. A woman should be wearing West Side at night -full of flowers and very sexy.

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    Default Re: Newbie question: Day and night scents

    Thank you very much!

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    Default Re: Newbie question: Day and night scents

    from Perfume Emporium:

    "Blends of floral and citrus-based fragrances are recommended for casual and daywear.

    Spicy, woody or warm amber-based fragrances are traditionally favorites for evening and special occasions."

    Also, here some info i saved but i forgot who/where i got it from:

    "Winter - These are the easy ones. Pretty much anything CAN pass in cool/cold weather, but somethings are especially well suited to it. Scents with rich or sweet notes (which I tend to like) can be sickening in the heat which limits them to cool weather. Also woods and ambers tend to have a "warm" feeling that is pleasant on a cold day.

    Summer - Frags that are "cool" and refreshing are especially nice on a hot day. Notes like citrus and mint are really comforting when its hot. Heat tends to amplify the strength of a fragrance, so something rich can quickly become overpowering. This works to your advantage when a fragrance isn't very strong, so the heat brings it up to just the right level."

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    Default Re: Newbie question: Day and night scents

    Another way to do it is to wear what you want, but much less in the day time and then a little more at night, depending on your work hours of course.

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    Default Re: Newbie question: Day and night scents

    As for clothes, if once there were commonly accepted rules about daywear to be more sober and understatedly elegant and nightweat to be sexyer, gaudier and allowing the coup de théâtre, nowadays there's more a free spirit, so noone looks weird at a woman wearing a glittered top in the morning anymore.
    The same happened for scents: so you can wear an oriental during the day and a fresh floral in the evening without problems: just an advice, it's all about the quantity you apply.

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    Default Re: Newbie question: Day and night scents

    Mannn' do I feel left out!

    All these scents made for a professional smell during the daytime for a work atmosphere and different at night and here I am a Janitor!!!! lol

    I still gotta wear some good scent, look what I have to do during my shift. lmao. The thing that sucks is most of my time wearing cologne is 5 days a week wearing my uniform and at night I'm at work so it's all encompassing...the hours are a mid shift to 11 p.m.

    However...You guys are the best...I need help. I want to post a thread so the Moderators and everyone can put there 2 cents in.

    The Squire

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