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    Question Need help- is my Creed Himalaya fake? I already searched w/ no luck.

    I came home today to find that my new bottle of Himalaya had arrived. I purchased it on eBay for around $70 plus shipping, and since I've never smelled it before I can't say if it smells legit or not (I decided to buy based on the reviews - it sounded like "my type of fragrance"). Anyway, the fact that there's some Arabic on the bottle and packaging (including an insert that's 100% written in Arabic) made me question the stuff's authenticity...not to say that there's anything innately wrong with Arabic on product packaging - I just decided to double-check since I've been burned with fake merchandise before.

    I did some searching on BN and came up with the following discrepancies from what was described as "normal":

    1. The last line on the lid of the box of authentic Creeds should be "DE L'IMPERATRICE SISSI D'AUTRICHE-HONGRIE ET DE L'EMPEREUR NICOLAS II DE RUSSIE". Mine stops after "ET DE L'IMPERATRICE SISSI D'AUTRICHE-HONGRIE".

    2. On the lid of the box, there are no larger embossed Creed logos/crests on either side of the main Creed logo in the center of the lid. There are, however, a ton of evenly-spaced little Creed logos & crests embossed all over the box.

    3. The bottom of the bottle and the bottom of the box both have the following computer-printed text: "Toilet Water PGS 01D04", as well as a list of ingredients computer-printed on the bottom of the bottle.

    Overall, the packaging is of very high quality, so I'd like to believe that this is real. Can ANYBODY who has a bona fide bottle of Himalaya help verify this for me???

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    Default Re: Need help- is my Creed Himalaya fake? I already searched w/ no luck.

    On the bottom of my Creed Himalaya bottle it just says "Creed, Made In Frace, Paris, and HP in the left end" that's all on the bottom of the bottle. The spray that your press for the juice to come out always says CREED with there logo. I woulnd't know about packaging because I bought a tester from Creedirect.
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    PM me please.

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