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    Default Your favourite Polo?

    I own Polo Black and I like it a lot. Might test the origianl Polo this week.

    Also, is Polo Blue really that bad? (according to BN reviews)
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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    Polo original (the green bottle) is my favourite. It's the first fragrance I had, and I have had quite a few bottles over the years. BUT, although I've been complimented on it, some people do find it too strong and dry. It's one I've always missed when I don't have a bottle!

    I noticed Polo Sport didn't get a great review here, but I always found that after wearing it for a few hours it changed from something obvious and generic to something special.

    I wasn't a big fan of Polo Black at first: it wasn't what I expected, but again, having tested it over time, I've come to appreciate it, and to really enjoy wearing it.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    I like Ralph Lauren - Purple Lable.
    Floral with nice oakmoss drydown.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    At this point I don't own any of the Polo line, not that I feel it is a bad line, I actually respect it and like a reasonable amount of them.

    If I was going to get some Polo, I would go for:

    - Polo Crest (unfortunately discontinued)
    - Polo (The original Green)

    Polo Blue is not at all bad. It is an Aquatic scent and aquatics tend to get bashed on basenotes due to the prevalence of Acqua di Gio. Also aquatics tend to be subdued scents so they tend not to inspire passion that way other types of scents do.
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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    1. Purple Label
    2. Polo Black
    3. Double Black
    4. Polo Crest
    5. Polo Blue
    6. Safari Pour Homme
    I like Polo Blue alot.....Nice day scent....Vacation scent....Office scent....One that brings a compliment from time to time.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    I (have) liked every single one of them, from Safari , till now.The ones I liked most were Polo Sport and Romance Silver.
    Lately I wear both Polo Black and Double Black.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    For me Crest and the older (more oak mossy) formulations of Safari. Safari was once seriously great juice.
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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    The original green botte Polo - smells 'expensive' even though it's not

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    -Polo Double Black (the best offering from Polo in a while IMO)
    -Polo Blue (a nice safe, 1st fragrance, good for the summer)
    -Ralph Lauren Romance
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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    I also like Polo Blue the best of the collection, go figure. Yeah, it's very short lived, and in the overplayed fresh/aquatic zone, but I like the cucumber-y notes now and then and think it's fantastic for summer use. Women also seem to love it.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    Before I discovered Bel Ami (read my highly regarded review) I had reached the heights of my mid-20s fragrance experience with Polo Crest, and thought it was great. It still haunts a few "off price" stores around NYC and I was once tempted to pick it up, but am saving my dough to get Clive Christian 1872 (around 2072).

    Still think well of Crest. I was too snooty for plain old Polo.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    I have a large, new bottle of Crest but find it quite weak and fleeting.

    Double Black is an improvement on the original Black, IMO...more interesting and not quite as mainstream.

    The original rules.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    I used to like Black.. but I got sick of it. Right now I like Romance Silver and Blue.

    Hows Purple like? I wouldn't mind trying it.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    My favorite would be Polo Green. Very nice. I also remember wearing Polo Crest in High that was surprisingly good. Come to think of it, I rocked a lot of Polo back in the day and I liked them all a great deal. Safari smells wonderful (my brother still wears that) and Blue is a great summer scent. But for the weather right now, at least here, I would have to say Polo Green.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    1. Safari
    2. Polo Green
    3. Purple Label
    4. Polo Double Black
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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    The original Polo rocks.
    - Rich
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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    Polo (Green)
    Romance Silver
    Polo Blue

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    My favorite Polo is the original one.
    I think it's mostly because of sentimental reasons instead of actually loving the scent itself, but i do think that it's a good one too.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    From Ralph Lauren:

    1. Romance Silver
    2. Polo Blue
    3. Purple Label

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    Wait a this a Ralph Lauren house survey or a Polo question?

    Among the Polos, I've used Polo Sport more than anything in my life. That said, I think the 1978 Green is the finest. Best scent and composition. It doesn't work in hot weather, but IS sublime in cooler weather.

    Number three is Polo Sport Extreme. Sadly underrated. Not in the overall scope of cologne, but out of the Polo line.

    Polo Blue did nothing for me. It's inoffensive. That's the best I can say. Read Scenteur7's comment. Represents the beginning of the end of this once great house. Well...the end for integrity. Actually the beginning of more profit...

    The little Crest I tried was good, like Green mixed with Safari, maybe...

    (I love Safari, but it's technically not a's RL. Not everything from RL is a Polo. God in heaven knows that Chaps is not an entry in the Polo line.)

    When I get Black, I'll decide on that. Seems like another Blue, but you know..."edgy safe".
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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    1. Polo Crest
    2. Polo Green
    3. Safari (great scent even if not called "Polo")

    The rest are negligable..... at best.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    Crest all the way......... I'm very miserly with my diminishing stash............

    Black is decent enough......... Wear it occasionally..........

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    I like Polo Double black, although my first Polo love was Polo Green (heady mix of pine and tobacco). Sadly I dont wear it much now.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    Polo Green as well, good stuff, it's been been a while
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    Post Re: Your favourite Polo?

    The only Ralph Lauren Polo I own is the Sport, aka Polo Sport. It lasts for ages (quite sure I've had it for over 4 years) and I'm quite tired of it tbh. Nonetheless, it's a quite nice scent that I would recommend to anyone. I especially like wearing it during summer

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    I'd only take the original green one too.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    1.Polo sport
    2. Romance.

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    Polo green is a classic.

    Polo blue is the worst scent I ever tried. I mean it.

    Don't know about the others.

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    Arrow Re: Your favourite Polo?

    Polo Green
    Polo Double Black

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    Default Re: Your favourite Polo?

    Double Black

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