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    Default Hit the mall--Body Shop has the nicest staff

    My daughter and I jetted over to Mayfair Mall for an impromptu swing through their shops this afternoon. Followed my nose through Sephora, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath & Body Works, Macy's, Boston Store, L'Occitane, and The Body Shop.

    As we walked past A&F's two entrances, a nice dry scent caught my attention and then drew me in. Upon sniffing their half dozen frags, I surmised it was the combination of the male and female scents mixed that I liked more than any by itself. Yay that, in general, their scents didn't strike me as too youthful or stuck in fruity-floral mode.

    After loading down strips (mouillettes) and sniffing sprayers all around the mall, our last port of call was The Body Shop. With little prompting, Jessica filled two little tub-jars with Neroli Jasmine, one with the cream and a second with a scent-drenched cotton ball. I didn't even ask for a sample, and she wasn't trying to make a sale at all. She was just being ... helpful! Praise be! :wave:

    Briefly visited/revisited: Tocca Touch, Le Baiser du Dragon, Love Bird, Green Tea & Jasmine, Green Tea & Mint, EA Green Tea. The two strips I still enjoy smelling are Prada and Un Jardin Sur le Nil. Don't think I'm moved by anything enough to pursue a decant. Well, wait a minute, let me smell that Prada again ...

    Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune smells precisely like cat urine to me. Obviously, a defect on my part.
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    Default Re: Hit the mall--Body Shop has the nicest staff

    Haha I read your post incorrectly, I thought you said "Body Shop has the nicest stuff" and I was thinking "Hmm, yeah, I guess they do!".

    I do agree though, their staff are very helpful, they'll usually give you a hand massage or something if you're hanging out in there!

    I bought a TBS perfume oil just yesterday, Indian Gardenia, very nice

    You sound like you had an awesome day at the mall!! I love girly mall days!

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    Default Re: Hit the mall--Body Shop has the nicest staff

    I've found the same thing! I was in a Body Shop at Heathrow (sometimes I feel like I spend most of my time at airports), and the SA actually advised against a product, as it was very heavily fragranced (I wouldn't have guessed).
    Plus, she didn't breathe down my neck, asking if she could help, something that tends to make me flee

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    Default Re: Hit the mall--Body Shop has the nicest staff

    I had one of the best SA experiences ever at a Body Shop, which changed my approach to my skincare. And there was another TBS SA I remember liking, I'd go by that store at lunch sometimes.

    Unfortunately, a lot of their staff are trained to be very very pushy. One time I told the woman at the cash that I had wanted to purchase, but the staff member just wouldn't leave me alone even after I asked, and I would wait and purchase what I needed elsewhere. I put down my basket of items, turned, and walked out.

    I actually find myself avoiding the place now, very sad.

    Oh, I get the same Pamplelune effect. It is a very judgemental Guerlain: likes some people, but hates quite a few.

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    Default Re: Hit the mall--Body Shop has the nicest staff

    I had a recent mall trip myself. In the Nashville Coolsprings Body Shop, there's a woman....dang it, I think her name was Rhonda--she's a one woman party. She spoke to me four times in the half hour I was there. Once, as I'd been at the oils for a 'while' to say she was still waiting on some new release. At the body butter, to ask if I'd smelled the Satsuma cuz she loved it--I had not, but she seemed so enthusiastic I did. Again, to point out that little grapeseed butters were on sale, and then to offer to dump out the sale oils so I could pick better.

    The rest of the time she was aerobically stocking and rearranging. I've been there ten times and never bought anything.

    This time, I left with body butter Satsuma, Brazil Nut, Olive, and little Grapeseed. Also, on sale Moonflower, Beleaf, and six fragrance oils.

    At checkout, we had a nice little chat--she used to work at PerfumeMania and said she knew all the notes from top to bottom. She told me her favorites (I hated them all...but seem to want to try them again now) and how she'd just moved here in December.

    I swear, I almost invited her to dinner. I may yet!

    Beware of Rhonda--she's expensive!

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    Default Re: Hit the mall--Body Shop has the nicest staff

    Not to be a "stick in the mud," but I think it depends on which Body Shop you go to, I don't think it's standard. Where I live, the sales help are very young, & inexperienced. They weren't mean or rude, but not that helpful or friendly. So it depends...I personally liked when they had the different scented oils in bottles, that you could test, & create your own personal scent. That was fun, but since they stopped doing that (well, at least where I live) it's not as interesting or fun as it used to be, for me at least.

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