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    I just had to share this here. I'd been occasionally bitching about the selection in my area -- Go to the Big Name department stores locally, and I've basically found crap. "Crap" being subjective, but the point is that they tended to all have the same feeble batch of 'New' and 'Trendy' offerings.

    (I was offered up RSVP four times no matter what I stated my preferences were. I could've just randomly blabbed out anything and they went into, "Oooh, this is new!" mode.)

    Best variety I found?

    1.) HEB Grocery.
    2.) Albertson's. (Yes. THAT Albertson's, where I finally found Gucci pour Homme, Gucci Envy, Azzaro Visit, etc...)
    3.) CVS Pharmacy.

    This could indicate that I just have no taste whatsoever, but it DID strike me odd. Granted, it's a small town, but we do have some largish Departments: JC Penny, Dillards, etc. Best selection? Albertson's Grocery Stores, lol.

    Ya'll find random gems, selectionwise?

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    I don't know about gems, but as someone who has a pretty good knowledge about what's out there, and an owner of a very large collection, I am constantly surpised, when I go to ebay and search "other makes," to find stuff I've never, ever heard of, often aren't listed here and can't even be found on a Google search!

    9 times out of 10, there's a

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    Opium at my local Walgreens. I've got to wonder who's doing the stocking, because this hasn't been in for... 9 years? (Ever since AdG hit the market is what I mean)
    I know that I've seen Havana at the same Walgreens, but at the time, I didn't know what it was, so I didn't buy every bottle they had.
    - Rich
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    shop online baby

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    I'm an avid TJMaxx and Marshall's browser and sometimes it amazes me what can turn up in there. I cleaned them out of Catharine Memmi Iris scented candles - I've seen Molinard, Penhaligons, and other hard to find stuff.
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    Nah, crap isn't subjective, if not objective either. People around here tend to operate with these too rather one dimensional and reality distorting extremes. I'd say crap is inter-subjective, at least .

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