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Thread: piratey scent

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    Default Re: piratey scent

    bump bump bump .... mstrcovie where are you ?
    Which version's did I get ... Royal Port & ?
    I have nearly finished both !! they are unique ...
    Please visit again sometime soon .
    cheers ....

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    Ahoy, I'm still here. You received Royal Port. Doubloon I&II have been all gone for a while before I even made RP. I still haven't received your parcel. I hope customs didn't nab it.

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    Default Re: piratey scent

    I just joined the forums.. and Doubloon sounds like a very interesting, and if marketed well could be very popular, even mainstream.

    Have you put any more time into making the Doubloon fragrance?

    What's Royal Port?

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