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    Talking Guerlain questions for a Newbie

    Hey im 19 years old and in the last year ive been feeling very interested in perfumes and scents. Last week i found out about this web page and ive been reading the reviews and searching new things. To make a long story short, as longer as i read about Guerlain perfumes i get even more interested in them. I would really like to buy something from these brand but im concerned about the lasting of these fragances. Does it worth that i buy some Guerlain?? I have special interest in Eau de Guerlain and Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca. Also.. whats the price range of this fragances? Are they easy to find???


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    Default Re: Guerlain questions for a Newbie

    Welcome to basenotes!

    I noticed that you are in Mexico. I was in Cancun last month and went perfume shopping down at your malls for tourists. There you can find many perfume stores (high end) and most of them carry the Guerlains.

    Guerlain is my favourite house. They are made with mostly natural ingrediants. What's wonderful about them, especially with the vintage or older ones, like Mitsouko and L'heure bleue, is that you can spray them on and they will work with your body chemistry. The initial spray, you will smell certain notes, but as the hours go by, the smell will change.

    I once tried the L'heure Bleue EDT on one wrist and the same pure parfum version on the other wrist. Wow, did I ever notice the difference. Right away, the EDT wrist evolved and within the hour, it flattened out to the base notes -- smell lasted maybe 4 or 5 hours on me. The pure perfume, I didn''t get the initial blast -- what I got was the smoother top note, which evolved over time 3 or 4 hours to the final notes. After 8 to 10 hours, I can still smell the base notes. From then on, I was hooked and will purchase only the parfum if I can get it and afford it -- you need only a tiny spray to get this effect.

    Guerlain is not expensive compared to others, especially the niche fragrances. In Mexico, expect to pay about $30-$60US (in the stores for tourists) for 50ml of the EDT or EDP.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Guerlain questions for a Newbie

    hi generalmanager. you will never go wrong with guerlain. they are a venerable perfume house with a rich history and oh-so-elegant perfumes!

    the lasting power of the perfumes depend on concentration, application and skin dryness, but generally if you apply with an even hand on normal skin, you will get around 2-3 hrs for the edt's. the parfums can last you a day. and yes, like dimples mentioned, there is a HUGE difference between the edt's vs the edp's vs the pure parfums. you will see this particularly with mitsouko, l'heure bleu and jicky.

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    Thank you al for your wise advise on this matter. By the way, about a month ago my grand mother gave a hole bunch of vintage colognes that belonged to my already resting in peace grand father. As I was checking this morning, I found out that i have the Chamade EDC with the ones that my Grandmom gave to me. I was so esxcited to know that so i just cheked in the directory and well.. its a womens cologne but still it is very cool to know that my grand parents used to rely on this brand. I ve been smelling it but i dont really know if it has been already gone bad after so many years. I cheked the box and it was made in 1967, its 3/4 full and it has always been in a cool place away from the light. Is this cologne to old to use? I would really like that my mom could wear it.

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    Default Re: Guerlain questions for a Newbie

    If it smells nice on your mom's skin, then go for it! The top notes may have changed, but the bottom notes (the ones that last!), should be still good -- it sounds like it was stored just fine.

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    In my personal experience, many Guerlain scents are abstract and not easy to understand the first time around, especially the classic ones. I didn't learn to appreciate Derby or Shalimar until the fifth or sixth testing. But once you understand them, you'll realize their true beauty.

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    Hi generalmannager. I love some Guerlains, have about seven. They are one of the best houses, the scents are well made and they do have lasting power. Having said that, you may not like them at all. If you don't test first, you may end up spending a lot of money for nothing.

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