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    Red face Training my fickle nose

    My nose (or whatever part of my brain is responsible for decoding what my nose takes in) have been frusterating me. I can't seem to get the same read on a scent from day to day. I've been noticing this more and more as I continue to sample scents.

    For instance...sometimes Voleur de Roses is 70% rose, 30% patchouli...sometimes vice versa, and with some added sweetness.

    Sometimes Caron Le 3me is sweet and incensy, sometimes lavender and wood (I realized that this one evolves a lot, but my general perception of the entire life of it varies).

    Bulgari black confuses the hell out of me. Sometimes ALL vanilla and powder, sometimes more dry tea and rubber notes. I usually enjoy it.

    It seems like the only scents that don't make my nose flip-flop its perceptions are the ones with very simple constructions. I'd rather have my frags be predictable more of the time, so I've been leaning in that direction with my recent aquisitions. It's not that I don't like complex frags with unusual notes...I just don't want to wonder how my nose is going to react and if I'll like it that day. Will it smell to me the way it did when I bought it?

    Does anyone else have this problem? What causes it? Is there anything I can do to train my brain to perceive scent constructions more objectively and predictably?
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    Default Re: Training my fickle nose

    Perhaps its the weather (cool vs. warm) and spraying style (misting vs. close heavy sprays) thats having an effect ?
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    Default Re: Training my fickle nose

    I agree - maybe the weather is affecting your skin (dryer, oilier, etc...) and this is affecting the scent on your skin...or do you have allergies (nasal related)?

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    Default Re: Training my fickle nose

    I get that too. The sequence in which I wear my SOTDs effects I how perceive the notes. My Dunhill Edition smells less sharp a day after I wear Guerlain Vetiver, and it is more sharp the day after I wear Rive Gauche let's say. Where L'Anarchiste always smells the same to me no matter what I wore previously, but it really doesn't have that many notes to play.

    My nose and I are both rookies, but I thought I would throw that out there anyway.

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