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    Smile SALTY..Driftwood....?????

    What new ideas for fragrances that have a salty note..driftwood note??Nothing marine or qauatic but that lovely sea....scent salt air...etc..

    I love Preparation..Kamali Beach..Demeter Salt Air..What others?

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    Default Re: SALTY..Driftwood....?????

    Michel Comte Shared Water

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    Default Re: SALTY..Driftwood....?????

    eau des merveilles - i think i've even READ in the description that it is supposed to evoke this smell salty driftwood smell. it is salty, mineral, spicy, warm, not one single hint of ozone - just. mmm.
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    This is pretty dumb, but I have a bottle of fake ambergris from the local head shop, and it smells exactly like salt water and ocean breeze. Cheap, too. It's not a complete perfume, though, only a note of ocean water.
    A complete Oceanic fragrance is Montale Sandflowers, a nice marine note with juniper berries and oakmoss. Sort of dry and woody, but salty to the end.

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    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    2nd Eau des Merveilles ... I just replaced a bottle. I am wearing it today.

    I find this to be unique ... it definitely has a salt and beachy quality. Subtle but good longevity. Gets a lot of compliments.
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    Creative Universe "Mare" and Creed Erolfa are both very good sea, salt, and brine fragrances.
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    chźne SL

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    Well, it's nothing new or exciting, but I'm wearing Dior Dune today. It has a very scrubby, salty, dune quality to it. I don't know if you would call it "driftwood" per se, but it's rather woody. And the amber sweeetens it. I'm enjoying it today. :-)

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    The Different Company-Sel de vetiver is very salt-y and beach-y IMHO

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    I was just about to recommend Sel de Vetiver too. It's got a wonderful sea-salty note, and the vetiver in it is nicely woody, and feels very driftwoody to me.

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    Another rec for Eau des Merveilles - my colleague told me that I smelled of sunlotion and salt water. Gorgeous stuff.

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    I saw this on Beautyhabit .com: Calypso's MARINE EDT some notes include... "salty marine accord, dry notes of driftwood, sandalwood & musk"

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    Fairchild by Anya's Garden: it has some floral elements too, but it captures the day at the beach feeling really well.

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    For the fourth time: Eau des Merveilles (salty sea smell, and strong!) or Elixir des Merveilles (sweet and chocolaty THEN salty sea smell)
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    You might want to sample Profvmvm Acqua di Sale for an algae-encrusted driftwood note.
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    Exclamation Re: SALTY..Driftwood....?????

    A new one that has just been launched would be Matthew Williamsons collection of 4 perfumes - incence, jasmine sambac, lotus and warm sands - the latter Warm Sands certainly brought back memories of a beach holiday I had in Thailand.. a salty earthiness that was warm and reassuring on my skin... lovely

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