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    Default Neil Morris Custom Fragrances

    I have to let everyone know that I have found the "ultimate luxury". I had a custom fragrance made by Neil Morris at Neil Morris Fragrances here in Boston. I sat with Neil for a few hours and he asked me all sorts of questions to discover what my likes and dislikes were. He asked me about smells and tastes and childhood memories. Then he chose a dozen or so essential oils and slowly created my custom fragrance right on my skin! When I got the bottle a few weeks later, I thought that I wouldn't be so into it and I found out that it is the best fragrance I have ever epxerienced. Every time I wear it, someone always asks what I am wearing and when I tell them, they can't believe that it was made just for me. If you are looking for a fragrance experience like no other, check out Neil Morris Fragrances at and you will know what I am talking about.

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    Default Re: Neil Morris Custom Fragrances

    Fantastic story! How much time did it take and what was the final cost for your fragrance?

    Also, what category does your creation fall into?

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    Hey, my fragrance would be catergorized by me as being "incensey", "woodsy" (the answer to one of Neil's questions), it smells very much like something from my past that I can't put a finger on, but it is a warm and comforting feeling. The first bottle costs $375 for 2oz plus a travel spray bottle, and then you can get a refill after that for $150 (I think) ... and I found out you CAN leave with your fragrance that same night. I was with a group and we were going out so I got my bottle of "Richard" later. I cannot tell you how much it is worth every penny. There is not one time I am wearing it that someone doesn't comment on how much they like the smell. The most common comment is that "even though I don't like colognes/perfumes very much, I like this one." As Ferris Bueller once said, "if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."
    Oh, I forgot to answer your other question. It takes 90 minutes and it is a blast, especially when a few people go together.
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    Default Re: Neil Morris Custom Fragrances

    Hi dick, welcome to basenotes

    I'm happy you like your personal fragrance and you obviously think it was worth it, so everything AOK on that front.

    Personally, I would use $375 to buy myself two bottles of, say Patou pour homme. Why, you ask? Well, as someone just posted in another thread, it's one of the finest, perhaps even the best constructed, of men's perfumes. It's so rare nobody within a radius of 1000 miles is likely to be wearing it at the same time you are, so it's highly individual. Also, a master perfumer (Jean Kerleo) probably spent over a year refining this composition to the point of perfection, with thousands of components at his command.

    90 minutes is not much time to compose a fragrance. Or to analyze your skin chemistry. Or to let a composition of oils settle and mature. I would venture to say, that what you can get in 90 minutes, is, at best, a variation of some standardized formula. So, perhaps your wearing your personal variant of Gucci ph now. Creating a genuine bespoke fragrance is a good deal more complex - and expensive. Even so, as Luca Turin argues, it can be seen as a questionable concept:

    I know I felt thrilled when I ordered my first made-to-measure shirt online. It gives you a sense of exclusivity, at least if you don't think about the nature of the contemporary textile industry. So some seamstress in Romania got a set of data fed into the chip of her Singer 5000 and for 60 Euros I got a cheaply sewn shirt made of thin cotton that did not fit as well as nor was nearly as decent in any respect as any T.M. Lewin off the rack.

    I don't want to sound denigrating or anything. But since you used your first post not to introduce yourself or your relation to fragrances, but to sing the praises of a commercial operation in Boston, I think it is fair to point out, that your personal "while-you-wait" perfume, much as you and your coworkers may like it, will hardly measure up to the intersubjective criteria of experienced perfume afficionados, i.e. against the canon, however disputed that may be in detail, of great fragrances. Which is, I concede, not the point, of a perfume of this sort. You don't visit a fortune teller to get a tachyon-based reading of next week's baseball scores, but to be reassured about yourself and your present.

    Mike Storer (creator of the excellent "Monk") who is a perfumer on the West Coast and sometimes hangs around here, made me a perfume just for kicks, not knowing anything about me except my weakness for powerful citrus notes. That was enrtirely sufficient . I love the result and will be wearing this in summer (if there is one this year) with pride. And won't be able to resist telling people this is a personal perfume . So, I share your joy. It's just a matter of keeping it in perspective. Especially at $375. Oh, and if your into incense, may I suggest Vendetta pour homme by Valentino.

    Best wishes to Boston, a wonderful place.

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    Default Re: Neil Morris Custom Fragrances


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