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    Default Moschino Moschino or Chloe Narcisse

    I've been searching for a nice new oriental to add to my wardrobe and I've finally found two that I really like and that my DH also likes. I might just get both of them, as they are very reasonably priced!
    But even so, I wanted to get your opinions on them and wondered which of the two you prefer: Moschino Moschino or Chloe Narcisse.

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    Default Re: Moschino Moschino or Chloe Narcisse

    My dear Lalage, you definitely need both!

    I have and love both also. I tend to reach for and enjoy Chloe Narcisse in bright warmer weather as I find it very feminine and tropical. It is a spring and summer staple for me.

    Moschino by Moschino, is very rich with a seductive rosey amber musk drydown that I appreciate most on crisp autumn and colder winter days. I find it way too intense / cloying for summer wear.

    If you must choose only one then I would say to buy the Chloe Narcisse as you will get plenty of wear from it in the coming seasons and get the Moschino at a later date, in preparation for autumn / winter.

    Either way, you are going to smell gorgeous!
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    Default Re: Moschino Moschino or Chloe Narcisse

    Thanks Moondeva . I have read on some other sites that there is speculation that Chloe Narcisse may have been changed at some stage. I have only tried a new one, and I think its just lovely as it is, but I'm just curious - do you know if it has been reformulated at all and if so is the old version better?

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    Default Re: Moschino Moschino or Chloe Narcisse

    Moschino Moschino screems is so rich,so sexy,I owned it once and it`s on my wishlist again.Highly reccomended!
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