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    Default Buying versace dreamer blind

    would this be a good idea? They have no testers at Macys of this scent, but they have limited bottles left. I read it's a good scent. So, has anyone bought this blind?

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    Horrible idea, if I am allowed to comment. One of the biggest stinkers of all time. It may very well be called as Stomach-upsetter instead.
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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    I wouldn't buy it blind. The topnotes can be offputing.

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    ok thanks. i'll pass.

    p.s. i wish there was a way to close your own threads.

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    I love The Dreamer! Still, my rule is, never buy blind.
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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    DREAMER is a fantastic fragrance.. Very similar to LE MALE (JPG)..

    Top notes are harsh BUT give it an hour and the drydown is mind blowing!!!

    I bought it blind and it was a fantastic purchase..

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    Look at his wardrobe though, all his fragrances are fresh/aquatic/safe scents. Stepping out of this trend and right into something like the dreamer blind is a big step. Since his question was just about buying the dreamer blind and not about the actual fragrance, I would have to say steer clear of buying it blind. Just my opinion, of course!

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    The Dreamer is a very polarizing fragrance, some love it, some hate it. I fall into the "hate it" camp, the opening is just too overpowering. Even many of the people who love it warn about the opening. I also advise against any blind buy unless the price is just too good to pass up and if you are buying it at Macy's you are paying list price. So for these two reasons I would recommend against a blind purchase of the Dreamer.
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    Smile Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    Buying The Dreamer Blind...
    I would agree with everyone else here and say this is definitely one you'd want to test before you buy.
    Personally, I LOVE it... and yes, this was one that I bought blind. The opening is quite strong and peppery..bravely endure that for about ten minutes and your rewarded with the sweetness of lily, tobacco and vanilla tempered with spices..drying down the most velvet of woods and amber.
    If you're looking to turn heads, this is it! Looking for a way to announce your presence in a room? Look no further. Looking for longevity? This has it in spades!
    Looking at your wardrobe, this would be closest along the lines of Platinum Egoiste (two entirely different fragrances, but similar in being bold.. although I think Dreamer is much bolder). I may be wrong, but for some reason, I think you just might like it. There's some rediculously low prices for the 1.7 bottles on ebay.. try it.
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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    Great idea! The Dreamer has that monster sillage you are looking for, and the heads and necks of everyone around you will literally swivel on the shoulders to check you out, all the while thinking "Who's the Cologne Guy?"

    Seriously, though, I purchased the Dreamer blind and am glad to have done so.

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    I too bought this blind.
    I enjoy it pretty well, but it's far from LOVE.

    If ya like tobacco and lavender, it's a safe bet.
    Beyond that, you must try this before you buy.

    It might be a good step towards darker and more complex scents it you have only fresh and marine types in yr collection.

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    I agree with most of the comments here - if you are into safe aquatics, you may not like it, and the topnotes are very offputting but the drydown is nice (I personally like the drydown much better than LeMale, which I don't care for at all really).

    That said, if you are still interested I would strongly advise that you simply purchase a 1oz. bottle on Ebay rather than risk more $$$ at Macy's. The 1oz sizes or even samples are a great way try a scent and and only spend $5-20. I prefer 1oz. bottles - for some reason samples make me feel like I am not getting the "real" thing - that's just my neurosis though. :-)

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    What is it with people here?

    The top notes are the most fascinating parts of this scent.

    After they disapppear, it's still a good scent, but nowhere near as intriguing.

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    No question they are fascinating - I just don't know if it's in good way. Is that a good smell, or just weird one? Something in there seems dissonant, you know?

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    love the top notes, love the base, love the fragrance as a whole. I have tested it again and again to make sure that I was in fact enjoying what I had smelt. The first few times I tested I was off by the top notes but then by the third time I had tested the fragrance I was left wondering why it had not hit me before. I had to have a bottle.

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    Quote Originally Posted by MrCoffee
    No question they are fascinating - I just don't know if it's in good way. Is that a good smell, or just weird one? Something in there seems dissonant, you know?
    Not sure exactly. I get a similar fascination from other tobacco scents like Herrera for Men and D&G Homme.
    Herrera for Men seems almost discordant to me, but fascinating nonetheless.

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    I absolutely love The Dreamer but it's probably one of the worst blind buys you could make. If you get lucky, you'll love it to death like many of use here do. But if you aren't, you'll detest it and complain about buying it blind until the sun grows cold. So yea, definitely get a decant or SOMETHING before you buy this.

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    Dreamer is nice, but I can see how for some it would be a turn-off; I happen to like it.

    I would go for it. Even if you don't like it right away, give it some time and it might grow on you. It is like buying a CD before you have ever heard it, going only on others' recommendations. It might not be exactly like you imagined, but after your initial expectations have subsided, you may grow to really appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    It's like that episode of Family Guy:

    Girl: "Should I let him get to second base this time?"
    Stewie: "Hmmm... I don't think that would be wise..."

    Not a good idea. Unless your idea is to learn your lesson about buying blind. Then you may learn your lesson, but you may not!
    - Rich
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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    I wouldn't recommend buying The Dreamer blind, but...

    I did, and it's easily in my top 10. I always get numerous complements on it. Yesterday, my two favorite ladies at the bar wouldn't leave me alone because they kept wanting to smell me. One's a 5'11" blonde bombshell model who frequently makes appearances in Nylon magazine, and her friend is a 5'1" brunette who's probably one of the cutest girls I've seen. They're so beautiful they're really intimidating to be around, even though they are both really nice girls. They are worlds apart in personality, and frequently disagree with eachother on my colognes (Michael Kors is the only other one they really, really liked), but they both loved The Dreamer. I'll probably be wearing it more around them

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    If you have the money, buy it, just for educational purposes. You may come out hating it, then you'll know the drawbacks of buying blind. The initial notes may be off-putting, hands down.
    But more probably you will love it and you'll be more brave next time on your own.
    Just don't wash it off immediately

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    It's a little disappointing that a store like Macy's wouldn't have a tester or samples you could try before buying. If you have a Perfumania, a Sephora, or some other fragrance store around, I'll bet they have at least a tester you could try. The first time I wore this, it took me half a day to decide if I liked it. It's different. I wouldn't put it in my top five, but it's good for a change of pace.

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind


    it says message is too short! ok:

    nix, nyet, non, no way, don't

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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    Hell no, I am very carefull with blind buying; it's like going on a blind date and having to go all the way, regardless if you fancy the person or not....
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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    i got this one...
    one of the more complexed ones in my wardrobe... i kinda like it...

    in fact...i still dont know when its appropriate to wear this...

    dont let the bizarre top notes put you off...the dry down about an hour later is beautiful
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    Default Re: Buying versace dreamer blind

    If you want a sample for The Dreamer, you might want to go to one of the online perfume outlets like Perfume Bay or FragranceNet. I am one of the ones who likes The Dreamer and the opening is what makes it appealing for me. However, it is complex...I really don't know how to categorized it.

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    Default Re: Buying Versace Dreamer blind

    Absolutely do so -- it's not unreasonably priced at all, and you can always swap it off if you hate it.

    Rich, complex notes of iris and tobacco, with a powdery, citrusy drydown. Contrary to Naed Nitram's review, I don't get anything synthetic here at all. The tobacco, though, is very pronounced, so proceed with caution if you're not a huge fan of <i>le tabac</i>.

    I for one adore The Dreamer, but am well aware that many others detest it. (In this regard, The Dreamer, for me, is really very much the opposite of A*men, as I despise THAT one with a purple passion, while many more love it to pieces.) Difference is, The Dreamer's about half the price of A*men, and thus a safer blind buy in the $ department.
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