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    Default Smells like Fidji..

    I sat next to a guy on the bus yesterday who smelled absolutely gorgeous, but at the same time reminded me of how I smell when I wear Guy Laroche's Fidji. It had the same unique flowery, civety, powdery spiciness. Well either he was actually wearing Fidji or there is something out there for men that smells very like it. I would love to get it for my other half, so if anyone has any ideas of what it might be, please tell me!

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    Default Re: Smells like Fidji..

    Something very similar happened to me yesterday. I was in a local market and a woman was wearing something very nice. It had great sillage and it reminded me of something that either I had once worn or perhaps what an ex GF had worn. I did the same thing as you too...I didn't ask what it was .

    I'm going to have to work on that.

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    Default Re: Smells like Fidji..

    Fidji is me mums fave! I have always thought L'air du temps is along the same lines.
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    Default Re: Smells like Fidji..

    And you're absolutely right, Col. I believe it's the carnation in both. I bought Fidji EDT recently because it reminds me a lot of Equipage, particularly before the drydown, when Equipage gets nicely woody and warm where Fidji maintains a lot of its initial brightness.
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