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    Default Silver Mountain Water or Tabarome

    Ok guys, I cannot decide between these two here. I use 2 fragrances- the one being Green Irish Tweed, as it is just too well composed and classic to not use, and the other being either SMW or Tabarome. I'm a 27 year old banker but also like to go out on the weekends. I like fragrances that don't necessarily smell like any far as designer fragrances go.. (yeah, yeah I know about GIT and Cool Water, lol, but I make an exception..) I've worn both of SMW and Tabarome before and have had many compliments from them with most Creeds, they're just all awesome but different too. Just wanted to get some others advice here. Thanks.
    My bad, let me clarify myself- It's the "New" Tabarome.
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