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    Default Silver Mountain Water or Tabarome

    Ok guys, I cannot decide between these two here. I use 2 fragrances- the one being Green Irish Tweed, as it is just too well composed and classic to not use, and the other being either SMW or Tabarome. I'm a 27 year old banker but also like to go out on the weekends. I like fragrances that don't necessarily smell like any far as designer fragrances go.. (yeah, yeah I know about GIT and Cool Water, lol, but I make an exception..) I've worn both of SMW and Tabarome before and have had many compliments from them with most Creeds, they're just all awesome but different too. Just wanted to get some others advice here. Thanks.
    My bad, let me clarify myself- It's the "New" Tabarome.
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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water or Tabarome

    SMW!!! Without a doubt! New Tabarome has this strange ginger note that makes me feel sick, really sick. I can't imagine anyone being offended by SMW, one of my favourites. Well thats my opinon!
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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water or Tabarome

    Well, they are very different from each other, but for me, Tabarome wins by a mile.

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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water or Tabarome

    I love the top notes of Silver Mountain Water, but prefer Tabarome in the drydown. Since the top notes only last an hour, I'll give the nod to Tabarome.

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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water or Tabarome

    bsmith001, which fragrance do you like better, GIT or Silver Mountain Water?
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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water or Tabarome

    You couldn't give me 100 bottles of New Tab for one good bottle of SMW!!!

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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water or Tabarome

    For me its Tabarome all the way. I think SMW is a great unisex fragrance but, but for a classy tobaccoey fragrance that can be dressed up as well as down, I'd pick Tabarome any day of the week.

    I mean who can pass up a fragrance that Humphrey Bogart wore?
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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water or Tabarome

    I've got to go with SMW, which I've been wearing more lately than ever before. I still haven't warmed up to New Tabarome--it just smells like stale cigarettes to me for some reason AND, truth be told, I think there are any number of other niche tobacco themed fragrances that are much better (C&S Cuba, and Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac, for starters).
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    Default Re: Silver Mountain Water or Tabarome

    Hey, Honestly if I had to pick between the two and just use one, it'd probably have to be GIT. I feel it is somewhat safer and a bit more masculine. SMW, I must admit has presence to it. ...especially in the warmer months. The thing I do like about the Tabarome is that to me it smells different than the popular light and airy frags common today...I don't know, though, SMW is hard to beat. Thanks.

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