Just a quick question, I've seen various sellers of Creed online in particular on Ebay say that the Creed scent they're selling is the parfum and not the EDT version. Correct me if I'm wrong, but out of Green Irish Tweed or New Tabarome, for example, they only come in the original Millesime (or parfum) version, right? I know you can get these alot cheaper from places like scentiments.com or theperfumespot.com (which I find very good) but they're not selling me weaker versions are they? I know Creed does make EDT's in some of their fragrances like the 1948 Vetiver, Orange Spice, and others, but among the Millesimes, it was my understanding they only come in the strong parfum. Thanks! Also, this may have been addressed, but does anyone know how these discounts internet stores sell Creed so cheap? I know from theperfumespot.com I've gotten bottles recently that come in the "newer" Creed box with the Creed logo stamped all over the box and all. I've also bought from Neiman Marcus and Parfums Raffy and I really don't think I can tell a difference. I've just always wondered. Thanks alot.