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    Default Duc de Vervins (DV)

    I came upon DV at Nordstrom's several months ago and didn't even bother to test it. It looked stodgy and outdated.

    Now, I'm after a bottle with a vengence! I decided to test it again today and it is an instant must-have for me. This is largely due to its resemblence to Abercrombie Woods. (I just heard half of you leave the thread...) Woods, although a highly sentimental fragrance for me, is the wood scent I've been trying to replicate with another frag for years. I can't even describe what I like about it, but it has been compared to Aramis and Michael Kors (...neither of which I'm a big fan of) as well as the smell of burning tires! DV is indistinguishable to me! I must have it. I had the SA make a sample for me, which leaked into my suit pocket a bit - but not enough to last more than a couple of days, thankfully...I wouldn't mind the suit permanently smelling of DV though!

    Now that I consider the total similarity and timeframe, I wonder if Woods was a cheaper copy of DV. It really smells identical to me. DV = 1991, Woods = about 94 or so.

    Anyway, this is just a fanatic rant and unless you're familiar with DV, you've probably lost interest by now, BUT...if you'd like to try a woody frag that I consider to be among the best, check out DV!
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    Default Re: Duc de Vervins (DV)

    I had the chance to buy a used bottle very cheap, but refused. Sometimes I regret not buying it, most of the time I forget about the lost chance. I always found it amusing that DV, beside Ambre Précieux was and probably still is the first choice of the big boss of first_in_fragrance, Mr. Wuchsa himself. Out of the range he knows and sells, that's quite a hit!

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    There is a mall kiosk close to where I live that sells the DV. I tried it a couple of years ago and have been meaning to buy a bottle when I can. It really is very nice and quite a distinguished scent. The same mall also has a A & F store. I've been in a few times looking for the Woods fragrance, but I suppose it's been discontinued.

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    Default Re: Duc de Vervins (DV)

    Yeah, DV is pure class WITHOUT feeling stodgy!

    I've almost bought it several times and now I'm not sure why I haven't.

    Maybe this weekend...

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    Default Re: Duc de Vervins (DV)

    Although I haven't tried it and I should (for I have a sample somewhere), I was told on different occasions that it is very similar to Tsar. Can anyone confirm that?
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