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    Default Change to fragrance reviews page?

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about this. My ageing brain isn't what it used to be, and what I remember may not be the case ;-)

    Has something changed on the review pages? I remember that when you were reading about a specific fragrance that a complete list of the manufacturer's other fragrances would appear on the left of the screen. You could click on any of them and go to reviews for that scent.

    A list still appears there, but now it is only a very brief, recent products list. To get the entire list you have to click on a link that takes you to another page which lists the complete line.

    If this is the case, then it is a bad change and I don't like it at all. I like having the manufacturer's complete line of products listed on each individual fragrance page. Why put in an extra and unnecessary step to go to another page first?

    Am I correct about this or just a victim of faulty memory? I think I am correct and I do not like the new format. Do us a favor and change it back.

    Any comments?

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    Default Re: Change to fragrance reviews page?

    It's been changed. You may also notice that other info is displayed over there now too. These are the columns:
    1.) Recent fragrances from this House.
    2.) Popular fragrances from this year.
    3.) Popular fragrances from this House.

    I'm not too worried about it as I don't use it that much, so I'm not going to say I do or do not like it now.
    - Rich
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    Default Re: Change to fragrance reviews page?

    Frankly I couldn't care less about what is popular or what is recent, so the new lists don't interest me. Maybe these lists will have more general appeal, so overall they might be a good idea. But for me, it's a step downward. I see it as more of a dumbing down of the review page rather than an improvement.

    Having the manufacturer's entire line listed was useful. Not only was it easier, just one click to another of their fragrances, but it was interesting to see the line listed chronologically, to see how the fragrance you were reading about fit into the development of the line as a whole. I liked the extra detail.

    The new approach seems more general, designed to appeal more to casual readers than the more serious ones. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing overall, but this approach doesn't appeal to me.

    I understand that the information I like hasn't been lost, just rearranged ;-) But it's the shift in focus I worry about. Is Basenotes moving from university to grade school?

    Why can't both be accomodated on the same page, the entire line as well as the other lists?

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