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    Default A search for new Cologne!

    Just joined the! lol

    I remember when Eternity, Obsession, Escape, Cool Water, and most of the 90's colognes came out, so I know I'm showing my age. lol 35.

    I am in search for an overall good cologne. I have as of now have: L'eau d'issey, HUGO by Hugo Boss, CK Be, and Tommy, by T.Hilfiger.

    I used to have Aqua Di Gio, now that one I HAVE to get again; however, my wife loves HUGO! She says thats a Man's scent (manly) lol. Got that one.

    I went and got an online list of supposed great scents, went to Macy's and had them spritz each card, brought them home and I made my favorites, wrote em down and then later my wife made her list.

    Angel, the 2 Boucheron colognes, DKNY, Chrome were all on the bottom and the top 3? The new BOSS Selection, ONYX, and R.S.V.P by Kenneth Cole.

    I liked ONYX at first but it dried and faded into a scent that reminded me of that "Old lady" annisette perfume, weird when it dries and fades it should really be smelled. L'eau D'issey is the same way! Goes on strong (different)yet it smells AWESOME like 4 to 8 hours later.

    My question if you guys can help is if I like soft, light but NOT fruity cologne what cologne should I look for? I have a theory that "Sport" colognes may be the thing for me.

    Now I loved DRAKKAR when it came out and I think if you wear that now it will actually be BETTER than when it came out cause it's like nothing else out there now! Weird.

    I haven't picked any new cologne out yet but I would like to get Aqua Di Gio and 3 NEW scents.

    A good example is ESCAPE for Men...that I do not like. Anything with those ingredients I dont think I'll like.

    What are the top 10 in your O.P???


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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!

    Hugh Parsons Traditional.

    This is what you are looking for. It can be obtained at Nordstrom's for $65 for a 3.4 oz bottle. I'm sure you can find it online as well.

    This fragrance is loved by all of my friends, family, and even the kids on the basketball team complimented my room mate when he wore it!

    It is a seemingly simple citrus and woody fragrance that opens up to a wonderful level of depth and freshness. It is not incredibly unique at first impression, but it will surely grow on you. It is incredibly versatile and could be worn to work or on a date.

    Don't miss this one, if you're on the hunt for a beautiful, bright, clean fragrance!
    Lately I've been wearing:
    Windsor, Bois de Santal, Original Santal, Elixir, Douro, Endymion, Reflection, Arcus, Marwah

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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!

    Great recomendation Scentronic!

    As long as you're there, try 99 Regent Street.

    The scent grows richer, he knows he must be near
    He finds a long passageway lit by chandelier
    Each step he takes, the perfumes change
    From familiar fragrance to flavours strange
    A magnificent chamber meets his eye

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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!

    <<< I like soft, light but NOT fruity cologne

    Sample Geir by Geir Ness,Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron,Gucci Envy,Armand Basi Homme by Armand Basi.
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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!

    I'd try Polo Double Black, Lacoste Essential and Chrome (again). They are fresh sporty scents. They will not overpower, nor are they overly flowery, spicy nor oriental. If you like any or all of them, tell her what she is smelling before you ask her what she thinks, and let the marketing of the fragrence work in your favor. She will smell fresh sporty scent because that is what they are, and the marketing will reinforce its masculinity if there were any doubts.

    I'm just coming from my own personal experience. And that is, in my small circle any scent at all presents a risk, and not just to me. So if some one asks, it is a comfort to say it is not just Old Spice, nor is it as they say some European 'Manfume'. It is rock solid and manly, it is . . .

    Take it for what it is worth, cause I am just a 43 year old newbie, married 15 years to a wonderful signature scentaur.

    Good luck and good sniffing, I know you've come to the right place with your questions. You are going to get many experienced, informative and unvarnished opinions, and mine the least among them. Welcome aboard.

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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!

    Man, you should try:
    - I second Polo Black (if you like rich mango smell)
    - Kenneth Cole reaction (a more citrusy version of Acqua di Gio, with that melon note)
    - Kenneth Cole New York (fresh, with a nice "out of the shower" smell)
    - CK Crave (very citrusy with a nice sweet accord - maybe a bit teenage(y))

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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!

    I second, or third, the Hugh Parsons. If you do try it, however, don't go solely by the opening impression. The real hidden secret of the Hugh Parsons is the dry down, which is quite different from the intial impression, and it is the development and the ultimate dry down that Parsons' fans love.

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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!

    I (just today) called Nordstrom's to try to track down the 99 Regent Street, which is the one in the yellow bottle (I believe there are only two), but they did not have access to it. I don't know if this is just my Nordstrom's that doesn't carry it, but they checked their inventory site and couldn't find the 99 Regent Street. I had been after a sample of the Yellow (99 R.S.) since I tried the Blue (H.P. Traditional).

    And, in agreement with Joe in the previous post; If you simply give it a quick sniff, you're going to think: "big woop, lemon." but trust us, just give it a chance!


    Edit: I may have to correct myself here, as carries 3 different kinds...
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    Lately I've been wearing:
    Windsor, Bois de Santal, Original Santal, Elixir, Douro, Endymion, Reflection, Arcus, Marwah

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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!

    You all are the best!!!!!!!!!!! Big ups to you all!

    I didn't think anyone was going to repond to my inquiry there for a

    I take my cologne seriously, its an investment. My friend at work was crackin' up cause I was researching this like I researched a term paper back in the day.

    Believe me guys, when you work as a Custodian, dealing with garbage and cleaning you want to smell nice when your at work..lmao. It can get funky if you know what I mean.

    I'm going to hold of on the BOSS Selection and R.S.V.P. The Selection is light and woodsy as well but I want different light, airy, and woodsy citrus colognes. I must admit BOSS Selection is nice! Smells like vanilla and a hint of light woodsy smell, not overpowering like HUGO? Very faint, I like that.

    Here are all the choices you all told me to try:

    Traditional-Hugh Parsons
    99 Regent Street
    Geir- Geir Ness
    Envy- Gucci
    Armand Basi Homme
    Polo Double Black
    LaCoste Essential
    Reaction- Kenneth Cole
    New York- Kenneth Cole

    Thats what I'm working with and I thank you all! Colognes like Pi' by Givenchy and;.... remember Joop! These colognes are way out of my taste for smells, those scents and Escape I know right off the bat I dont like..WAYYYY too overpowering.
    So Hopefully I can find that light sporty woodsy smell like Polo and Drakkar in Hugh Parsons Traditional. Very light not heavy scents...Gautier is REAAAL heavy and soapy to me, no good.

    I'll let you guys know how I made out after this weekend.

    The Squire

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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!

    I think you'll like Givenchy Blue Label, Tiffany Sport, Bvlgari Extreme and Chic by Carolina Herrera. Most women like scents like these.

    I have Silver Black (ONYX) and rarely use it as it's a special scent for special occasions. I find it hard to wear it in such climate here.
    Current Top 5

    1. Creed Aventus
    2. A*Men Pure Malt
    3. L'instant Extreme
    4. Nasomatto Duro
    5. CDG - Kyoto
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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!


    Givenchy pour Homme Blue Label
    Bulgari pour Homme - Might be a tad spicy for your taste

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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!

    I want to stay away from spicy smells as well.

    I mean hey, I'll try Blue Label, Tiffany sport and Bulgari, and Chic on the swatches. It wouldn't hurt. Man' I know right away what makes me wince.

    LOL Now I have a list of 15 colognes to swatch AGAIN...and smell over the weekend, when they sit for a day or 2 then you get the real nice actual smell of the cologne ya know?

    Funny, as soon as I went on the hunt for 3 new colognes to get rid of the old ones, the wife gets pissy and wants me to do the same for her perfume! lol lol. Like I'm spending to much research on cologne and not a perfume that drives me crazy. What the f! lol

    I like that BOSS Selection a lot, but that maybe because I had HUGO by BOSS my whole life so it stayed with my reaction when I smell anything new from them.

    As much as I like Selection I want to try and find other colognes with the same textures and aroma's that I like...light, sporty, clean smelling.

    I have a feeling I'll like Traditional by Parsons if that was the first choice.

    I'm off to go get those swatches and then ..UGHHHHHH I have to go back over the weekend and smaple the hottest perfume smells for the Mrs. ...friggin unbelieveable! I thought I was renewing my scents!

    Any good suggestions on WOMENS perfumes?????

    The top 5? I really dont want to go in there trying 50 fragrances.


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    Smile Re: A search for new Cologne!

    Heh, count your blessing Squire. My wife is a signature scentaur, and by that I mean, she wears one fragrance, day in, day out, all occasions, all seasons.
    When the one bottle runs out, she picks up another one, the same one, and the big one. I have come to know and even appreciate every nuance and hint Calvin Klein Truth has to offer. This admirable consistency has been going on for seven years. What she wore before that has been lost in the mist of time.

    If and when Truth is discontinued, and the last spray is freed from the bottle; then and only then, will we, and believe me when I say we, for I do intend to have some input, trot ourselves down to probably Macy's and find a suitable replacement. I pray for that day.

    And I expect to enjoy the new scent for what in all likelihood will be for about a decade.
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    Default Re: A search for new Cologne!

    Wow Riddle! Just one perfume? Thats hardcore!

    I know theres a perfume that I'll smell that will drive me nuts I just dont want to go through the crappy ones ya

    Whether its walking in a store or a Mall theres that one perfume that your like, "Holy S...what is that pefume its so good!"

    I've smelled a perfume once in a Mall and I swear that the smell was a perfume that I smelled when I was back in school in the 80's and it hit me like a ton of bricks it was sooo good! Those scents are amazing cause they bring back a zillion things in your head that brings you back to that time. I have no clue of what names they are and when they came out I just know that there is this ONE smell that I can pick out of a room of women that I love. I have to find that out this weekend. lol

    I think a woman should have one or 2 perfumes she likes and then at least 1 or 2 that drive us crazy as men.

    Good luck and when that bottle runs out tell her its time to get 2..1 for you and 1 for her. No doubt I believe that there is a perfume that can drive us crazy and get us in the mood the minute it's worn. lol
    Well here's a list of colognes I got today that some of you recommended, some were recommended by the Macy's mens counter:

    Polo sport
    Vera Wang
    Blue label
    Double black
    Prada PH
    Versace man
    Polo Blue
    Boss selection
    Bulgari Extreme

    Out of all of these I did a 1-15, one being the best and 15 being the worst etc etc.

    My choices:

    1. Bulgari
    2. Versace Man
    3. Nautica Voyage
    4. Boss Selection
    5. Polo Sport
    6. Double Black Polo
    7. Polo Blue
    8. Essentials
    9. Blue label
    10. Vera wang
    11. R.S.V.P.
    12. Prada PH
    13. Envy
    14. Chrome
    15. Aqua

    Now I have to check out Terre' d' Hermes, Vetiver, *Traditional, and Geir. I have to go to Roosevelt field mall for these cause they do not carry these out here, i tried saks and Bloomies and Roosevelt Field has the ones I need that some of you recommended.

    The bottom of my list smells too Tobacco'ee and a couple have talcum lightness to them, too faint and a bit feminine. That Prada PH is definately a scent thats geared for a woman, it smells too feminine? There pushing R.S.V.P at the malls I tried it on the wrist...too powerful for me, I like the clean fresh light smells thats at the top of the list.

    Some of you know the ingredients that are in the bottom of my list, what do I have to stay away from?? I smell tobacco D&G like odors in some of those colognes as well as a spice talcum smell on Envy, aqua, and Vera Wang?? No good. they smell feminie to me

    Holdin out until I smell Hermes, and Traditional etc.

    Sorry for the big post but I would like to thank you guys so much for helping me with what accents to stay away from? What is in the ones I like in the first 8 picked.

    The Squire
    Funny...the wife came home and picked Nautica Voyage as number 1, Boss Selection #2, and Polo Sport as #3.

    We both like Nautica and Boss selection. That light airy, woodsy, clean ocean, Drakkar smell. Hell, I'm still thinkin about getting Drakkar. lol

    I honestly cant wait to go to Roosevelt Field here on Long Island cause Nordstroms is the only store that has 99 Regent, Traditional, Terre D' Hermes, M7, Geir, and Vetiver!

    I aint buying squat unless I try out the above mentioned.

    Which ones in the above are strong and musky/Tobacco-ie??? I dont like the rich musks. Much thanks to all. I can smell the tobacco in any cologne I smell it in Burberry for men and I swear it's in D&G.

    Hope Hugh Parsons fits into my fav's. I'm curious about Hermes??

    The Squire.
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