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    Default Training the nose

    [BTW. I got the message that I can only put URLs in my messages after 15 posts. So you'll have to put the address back together]


    I used to come here often 4 years ago. Now I'm back.

    What I'm most interested in is training my sense of smell. I came back here trying to find info on where to find kits with single notes. While I do think the Naturesgift aromatherapy site was mentioned in old posts I do not think its "energetic oils kit" was: www . naturesgift . com/kits.htm#ENERGETIC-KIT

    I bought the kit and am very pleased with it. I'm very glad to have found it. While I'm not much of a believer in aromatherapy (the claimed benefits of the oils seem to be hearsay so often) some 45+ of the 52 oils in the kit are used in perfumes and therefore of value if you want to train your nose . Another kit that seemed interesting was Le Labo's Olfactionary but that costs $500. I'm actually pretty annoyed with Le Labo: they want to make people more aware of what makes a perfume but they do it at outrageous prices. (and some of their stuff can only be bought at their store. Even worse than Serge Lutens).

    Anyway, the Le Labo kit still has some 15 notes that I'm interested in. Especially the synthetic notes (calone, Ionones, Hedione, fruits etc) the musks and the animalics. I wonder if anyone knows where one can get such notes at an affordable price and individually (not in a kit unless in certain groups like "synthetics")?
    (and if you think about it: perfumes sometimes contain tens of oils. And those oils are often already quite complex in themselves. That's why some synthetics consisting of only one typical molecule are also very interesting)

    An old thread: http showthread.php?t=190762

    The sense of smell is the only sense that is hard wired directly to the brain, I believe, I have to get out my old anatomy and physiology notes to articulate this correctly, but it's true. The other senses involve a more complicated sensory interpretation process, or some such thing, whereas smell just goes KA BLAM into the is that for scientific speak?
    I can shed some light on this: some facts (from Sensation, Perception, and the Aging Process by Francis B. Colavita)

    Blind people become able to recognize family and friends by smell, not because they have a better sense of smell, but because they must depend more on this sense.

    Experiments suggest that women have a better sense of smell than men.

    Our sense of smell peaks at age 8. After the age of 55, the sense of smell declines precipitously in men, whereas women retain their smell sensitivity for about 20 years longer. The decline in smell sensitivity varies considerably, however, and some individuals (Basenoters?) in their 70s and older perform as well as middle-aged subjects on tests of smell sensitivity.

    Smell receptors have direct connections with the cerebral cortex without initially passing through various subcortical relay stations, as is found in all the other senses.

    By means of the olfactory bulbs, which are the structures that receive input from smell receptors, odorous stimuli generate neural activity in 20 different parts of the brain.
    1. The olfactory system projects to parts of the brain involved in memory. 2. Olfactory signals reach parts of the brain involved in emotional response.
    3. Brain structures involved in motivated behavior also have connections to the olfactory system.

    For centuries, it has been believed that the adult human brain is incapable of producing new brain cells. Recently, it has been demonstrated that two regions of the adult human brain are, in fact, capable of producing new cells. These two parts of the brain are the olfactory bulbs and the hippocampus. (The hippocampus is a forebrain structure known to be critical for the consolidation of short-term memory into long-term memory.)
    There are now a number of reports indicating that declines in smell sensitivity occur at the same time that memory impairments begin to show up in people with some form of senile dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists acknowledge the possibility that tests of smell sensitivity may be able to predict the onset of memory impairment at an early stage of memory loss so that remediation techniques can be applied sooner. To date, such smell tests have shown about an 80 percent accuracy rate, as good as any test currently available to predict memory loss. (www . virtualneurocentre . com/ news.asp?artid=4862)


    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Training the nose

    That was very interesting to read. Thanks for posting. Can't help with the notes I'm afraid. Have you thought of a course of some sort? I think there are a few.
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    Default Re: Training the nose

    The technical aspects of smelling and describing perfume is complex, and even more so, I think, for amateurs like me. I think I'll build up my "scent" database slowly. That may even help me enjoy this hobby a bit more, no?

    I'm sure you get from the post that I couldn't help you with those notes, I'm sorry but attaboy on your quest.
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    Default Re: Training the nose

    the yahoo perfumemaking group is a really good resource if you want to delve into synthetics

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    Talking Re: Training the nose

    Thanks! That groups seems really interesting. (and Dutch. As am I!)

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