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    Default Creed Box and Lot Numbers

    I have seen a lot of uncertainty on this forum about creed boxes, and lot numbers. The Creed boxes change from year to year. The earlier 2000-2002 boxes don't have the little creed symbols. They also have a concave creed logo on top. The 2003-2004 box have tiny creed symbols all across the box, and has a convex creed symbol up top. The 2005- bottles have bigger little creed symbols all around, they may or may not have the date stamped, they also may not have lot # stamped as well. Also on the newer bottles, on top of the box (the flap you open the box with), it doesn't end with Hongrie, it has an extra line that ends with Russie. And on top of the newer boxes (the flap you open the box with), there should be two big creed symbols which should be convex. I hope that helps ease any uncertainty anyone may have.
    Has anyone found this helpful?
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