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    Default FHM Fragrance Picks

    Leading men's magazine FHM picked their top men's fragrances in the "Grooming Awards 2006"; here's the link for those who haven't seen it:

    That was for Best Designer Fragrance. Also check out the Best "Sporty" and "New".

    Most were great selections, IMO. Please share your views.
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    Default Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    They got the name of Hugo wrong. They called it Hugo Boss Green... not even close. Although I like Nautica Voyage, I can't say much for their other selection of scents (Amazed to see The Different Company on there!). Varvatos Vintage didn't do anything for me, Hugo wasn't that great, Unforgivable didn't do anything for me, yada yada. I did however, like their choice of grooming products.
    - Rich
    As always, disregard most of what I say. It's not worth your heart health to actually worry about what a 23 year old guy from Kansas thinks. Even if he is really ridiculously good looking.

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    Default Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    It just looks like mass market choices for a mass market readership to me.

    "Cor mate, wearing Hugo Boss tonight?"

    "Yeah. Saw it in FHM."

    "Me too, great stuff."

    The only intriguing ones are Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir and C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum; they have piqued my curiousity.

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    Default Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't FHM discontinued???

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    Default Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    Mass market? Maybe; but not so popular as AdG, L'Eau D Issey, Cool Water, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by cookesoul
    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't FHM discontinued???
    Only the US version.
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    Default Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    Rags like "For Horny Men" are just marketing platforms (as well as conveying outdated models of masculinity & puerile sexism, but that's just my personal opinion) and their choice of fragrances hardly has anything to do with a knowledge of perfumery. Just a calculated mix of what's gotta be pushed and some high-end stuff with hipness factor that no average FHM reader can afford. Lists like these say about as much about the quality of a fragrance as an MTV Music Award does about the quality of an artist. Now, the Basenotes Awards on the other hand...

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    Default Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    Interesting to see they picked Versace Man Eau Fraiche which I always liked a whole lot better than Versace Man.

    Of their top 8 Designer scents, I only have Kenneth Cole Black (which is the best of the Kenneth Cole's in my opinion). Haven't ever seen Nautica Voyage, Hugo Boss Green or John Vartavos Vintage.

    Their best sporty and new scents are interesting also - because I don't own any of them. I've only ever seen and tested the Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Aqua Di Parma and Guess Man ones, the others are complete mysteries to me.

    I guess my collection is just out of fashion.

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    Default Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    I guess it's cool that they put in a couple of niche fragrances, but the scents that tended to win 1st/2nd/3rd etc. were pretty mediocre. Certainly no the best of the best. And I'm also not sure how they decided that Cannabis Santal was a great sporty fragrance.

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    Default Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    Voyage certainly is one of the best aquatics in production today. I think it's 1st spot is deserved. Their inclusion of Unforgivable lead me to believe that they never even tried Creed's MI - a scent which inspired it and is far superior.

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    Default Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    In the GQ Top Ten, you probably would've had MI instead of Unforgivable; you just have to remember the market that they're appealing to - FHM is not exactly highbrow these days (although I remember the early 90s when they had gardening sections and such like.... oh nostalgia).

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    Default Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    I am surprised that no one else noticed that the editors could not even get Phat Farm's fragrance's name right. "Ataman?!" Sure, I'll put that right next to my Old Spruce.

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