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    Default Summers vs Winters?

    Given that the season's busily changing, and where I live (Central Texas) Summer is -Summer- with nary an equivocal day about it, I thought I'd pose the question:

    What's the diff? Summer scents, Winter scents (And for another topic, 'Formal' 'Informal' 'Evening', etc...). To me, at this beginning point in my frag hobby -- And as a general obsessively objectivist-esque philosophy, a Scent is a Scent and all of the arbitrarily assigned qualifications are if not meaningless, at least beyond my current range of understanding.

    In short, I don't get it.

    My current batch/rotation, from Least to Most Favored:

    Boss Soul
    D&G PH
    Trussardi Uomo

    Currently eyeballing for future purchase:

    Guerlain Vetiver
    Michael for Men (Kors)
    Gucci Envy
    Gucci pour Homme

    Anyone in the know able to point me in the right direction regarding Summers, Winters, etc? From my searches, it seems I have mainly 'Winter' scents, and I seem to -favor- such. I like woods, spices, tobaccos, leathers. (I'm obsessed with Quorum. Patchouli heaven? Maybe that would make Agua Brava a good option to put on the list...)

    In any event, help?

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    Default Re: Summers vs Winters?

    Summer scents are usually lighter, like day scents because it is warmer, you are outside, and in the sun. Warm weather typically does not mix well with the heavier, scents with dark, rich notes. Orientals are a prefect example of what you wouldn't want to wear because they can be cloying and suffocate you(not literally).

    Winter is for warm scents because it is cool and something crisp and clean smelling is just not as appealing. Warm vanilla and sandalwood combinations are my favorite for winter. The air is less humid in winter because of the air temperature and warm scents seem to travel well in that dry air.

    It is preference, not law that these ideals are laid out. Most people go for what I just stated, but everyone is different. I hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Summers vs Winters?

    yes...Platinum Egoiste is rich and didn't mix with the heat i had this weekend.

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    Default Re: Summers vs Winters?

    I totally agree with EnvYuS on the winter/summer thing.

    I think theres summer citrusy and light tones... I mean first bought Aqua Di Gio in the summer after it came out. IMHO thats a great summer cologne. Up here after hittin' Robert Moses for the day, a shower at home and then put on is summer to me or spring for that matter. ya know? Nautica, Drakkar, Escape, you guys know some new ones that are out that you could add, I'm 35 so I'm a new beginner.

    The air is heavy and humid in the hot weather so you put on a heavy ass cologne and it's gonna be too overpowering. I dont know but I'm guessing if you have a light vanilla scent you can wear it in the summer?

    The wintery ones are the musky, heavy, long lasting, woodsy EnvYuS have cool air, low humidity or none, so those musks can dry and fade and not hang or be overpowering.

    If your in a climate like FL or TX I would think ofcourse ANY of the summer/spring scents are awesome if you try them first, pick em out.

    You know what you could do......Hmmmmm...Maybe find a "Nightwear" cologne and only wear it once in a while OR on weekends when you go out at night. Up here in NY its different.

    Hey, dont feel bad...I'm up here and I'm still trying to find out what season or day or night if any matters, to wear Double Black, Boss Selection, Polo Sport, and Bulgari extreme. lol

    Good luck, I hope we get some answers.

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    Default Re: Summers vs Winters?

    Yes, summer scents are lighter and more refreshing to counterbalance the heat, especially during the day: Dior's Eau Sauvage, Hermes' Eau Orange Verte, Creed's Imperial Millesime or Selection Verte. For summer evenings they can be a bit richer, like Penhaligon's Castille. Fuller winter scents often have more wood, with Chanel's Egoiste being one of the great classics.

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    Default Re: Summers vs Winters?

    Quote Originally Posted by rbaker View Post
    Yes, summer scents are lighter and more refreshing to counterbalance the heat, especially during the day.
    Nothing more than this IMO.

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