After a long search on google and ebay, I found some really great sellers of genuine incense sticks (imported from Pakistan, India) and Oud stuff as well as very rare myrrh and olibanum from Africa and India.

I now think it's all about the quality. Incense sticks for example I forgot about ten years ago, because they smelt like incense sticks, nothing special at all.

These genuine incense sticks from Pakistan (handrolled) are not cheap, mostly because of the transport costs, but oh - this is an experience nobody will forget too soon. The smoke is not the same as from usual sticks. They are much thicker and burn a long long time. I have to put one out after ten minutes, it's then my whole room is filled with scented smoke and I have to open a window for a bit fresh air. The interplay between the smoke and the fresh air is absolutely awesome.

The olibanum from Africa and India is beyond compare. Looking for CdG from the Incense line for room scenting? Check out the real deal, it's much cheaper and the variations of different olibanum and myrrh is awesome. The smell is sometimes completely different, but it's still olibanum, often the color varies a lot. White drops of olibanum is the highest quality and it smells, yes like church. But the dark and funny looking olibanum is where the fun starts, the smell is very strange at times, but I love it nevertheless. No more candles in the near future ....