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    Question John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    What is the difference between these two? Which do you prefer taking smell and longevity into consideration? I'd like to hear from your experiences.
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    Default Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    I can't say I prefer one over the other, but do find the original to be more "accessible" for the lack of a better word. What I mean is, in differentiating the two, Vintage hits a wider range of non-pleasing to pleasing notes to my nose. It starts out with a funky blast that isn't as immediately pleasing as the original, but the drydown ends up being that much better. In short, Original. Spray. I like it. 1/2 hour later... I like it. 1 hour later... I like it. Vintage. Spray. What the...? 1/2 hour later... I'm sort of liking this. 1 hour later... Humdinger! I had an experience with Vintage not too long ago where I sprayed a bunch of scents on my arm before going to bed, woke up in the middle of the night and started sniffing, and couldn't figure out what the one particular smooth, tobacco scent was, when suddenly I remembered: Vintage.

    Here's a review I did when Vintage first came out:

    Don't be fooled by the first few moments of this scent. When testing it in the store, its opening smelled a bit been-there, done-that (almost in a Kenneth Cole way). I gave it a few moments and the top notes quickly faded, leaving something a bit puzzling to my nose not unlike a car accident: it was a little appalling, but I couldn't help continuing to sniff trying to figure what exactly it was.

    Hanging in there, I was soon rewarded by a stellar dry-down that feels a bit more formal than the original's approach. Gone is the heavy vanilla feel, replaced with a dominating tobacco note with suede and tonka beans complimenting it nicely.

    Early reports referred to Vintage as being a seasonal variation of Varvatos, but I wholeheartedly disagree. While it retains a shell of the original, it's more of a passing nod of recognition than out-and-out brother like resemblance as Vintage clearly stands on its own.
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    Cool Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    And here are mine:

    John Varvatos original, thumbs up.--3 stars,

    " Too fruity and loud for my taste. A pity the babes like it so much, or I'd only give it a neutral. Club away! "


    Vintage, thumbs up.---4 stars,

    " Pray continue your most interesting narrative, Watson "

    " But Holmes! How on earth am I to make sense of a fragrance that is launched two years after its namesake, and yet has the audacity to call itself 'vintage'? "

    At this the great detective judicioulsy applied a small amount of Oliver Creed's Vintage Tabarome, lit his pipe, injected cocaine, and began to play his violin.

    " Elementary, my dear fellow. These Americans have released this brown bottle for the benefit of young puppies who have hitherto applied the somewhat brash--not to say vulgar-- original J.V. with devastating effect upon the fairer sex, luring many an innocent serving girl to her ruin. "

    I rose to my feet in horror. " But Holmes, this is monstrous! If they have, as you claim, practiced such villanies by way of the itoxicating nature of J.V. then what possible motive could they have by introducing a 'vintage' variant? "

    My friend cut me of with a wave of the hand. " They have grown greedier, Watson. They are no longer content with mere seduction. They have added tobacco and toned down some of the more obvious puerile notes. Their motive is to regard themselves as sophisticated, well to do, mature and respectable whilst persuing their sordid affairs."

    Holmes exhaled a weary sigh. " Watson, they wish to regard themselves as gentlemen."



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    Default Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    I was going to ask this question myself, lol. JV original opens a bit too loud for me, yet it subdues too quickly with low sillage and longevity. Oh, and not enough leather. It sounds like I ought to give the Vintage a try.

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    Default Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    Nice reviews. It seems that vintage is not an improvement over the original, but just a different take on it.

    I would expect younger buyers to prefer the scent of the original over the vintage because of the note descriptions thus far, but I could be wrong.

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    Default Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    All in all from the sounds of it John varvatos original = night out on the town. Vintage= single malt scotches and card games.

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    Default Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    I prefer the original one much more. Seems much more "authentic".

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    Default Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    It has been a long time since I have smelled either, but I remember distinctly disliking Vintage. John Varvatos seemed more of a traditional leather scent, where as Vintage added a weird fruit note in their, for some reason I remember thinking it smelld like fruit loops.
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    Default Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    How is the longevity on vintage?

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    Default Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    Quote Originally Posted by Pappy View Post
    How is the longevity on vintage?
    I find the longevity about the same between the two. Vintage may have a little better longevity, but I spray very liberally when I wear either of these.
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    Default Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    For what it's worth, I have a Vintage that I would let go cheap if one of you wants it....PM if you want details.

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    Default Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    I definately like Vintage more than the original JV, but the women seem to favor the original. Vintage seems to have more of an older sophisticated gentleman vibe going on whereas the original seems to be more of a clubbing scent. Both are great for office wear and are very versatile and safe in most situations. I wear vintage much more frequently and find it a much better scent. Just my opinion, and many would probably beg to differ with me.
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    Default Re: John Varvatos vs. John Varvatos Vintage

    Longevity on both is spotty, but mostly not great. Original is a bit better, but I have trouble getting 5-6 hours out of either.

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