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    Default New Edition of Sniffapalooza Magazine

    Take a look at the second edition of Sniffapalooza Magazine. :wave:
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    Default Re: New Edition of Sniffapalooza Magazine

    Looks like a nice site. I thought the review on the new Aftelier was interesting. I have minis of her Lindenblossom, Pink Lotus, Parfum De Maroc, Shiso and Blond Tabac oil. Although I think her perfumes are really nice, esp. the Maroc and Lotus, I don't feel the full size's warrant the high price tag. Of course that's just my personal opinion, but I would rather spend exorbitant amounts of money elswhere. I do love the mini's though, and think they are worth every penny. I ordered these and the Ormande Jane sample set, and have to admit I like the Aftelier's much better than the OJ's, which I didn't care for at all except maybe the Tolu. Thankyou for the site though, it's in my favorites now!

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    Default Re: New Edition of Sniffapalooza Magazine

    Thanks Red Hot Momma!! (I never even saw the first edition!!) Have Bookmarked it!! :bounce:
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    Default Re: New Edition of Sniffapalooza Magazine

    Oooh, what's Pink Lotus like?? I heard it was created for Madonna
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    Default Re: New Edition of Sniffapalooza Magazine

    Quote Originally Posted by libertine View Post
    Oooh, what's Pink Lotus like?? I heard it was created for Madonna
    On me it opens with a very light floral but strangely masculine note, and pretty much stays the same through the drydown, until a very dry sandalwood and something green maybe (?) offers itself up. It finishes with a slight Tobacco finish, although I'm not sure why I get that particular accord. I don't have a list of the notes to decipher, so just going with my extremely virgin and limited olfactory. A good nose would probably recognise the notes in play here. I actually like the fragrance, but not enough to pay $170 CAN plus S&H for a full size. I'm really enjoying the minis though, and will probably re-purchase them when they're gone.

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