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    Thumbs up Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    Nicolai Pour Homme was on my wish list for quiet a long time and finally I bought a bottle at a significant discount in a local perfumery last Saturday.

    In order to come to the point: I absolutely love it and even though I can understand why its reviewed rather negatively or at least neutraly on this board, I wish that more people would give it a try!

    Its slightly melancholic (albeit not dark), calm and it moves perfectly from a cool start (mint and lavender) to warmer middle and basenotes. It glistenes very beautyfully between different poles: warm and cool, melancholic and serene. Its will surely not work as a classical signature scent but for me its one of THE frags linked to these quiet, indecisive days in spring or fall when time seems to stand still and invites for inner walks....A very well done pastel and one of the most beautyfull fougeres I know...

    Unfortunately on the reviews of this board the cool and melancholic side of Pour Homme comes very much to the fore while the warm and serene side (which is explicitly mentioned on the VERY positive reviews of the womens blogs and boards like MUA or bois de jasmin) is missed out a little bit....

    IMO its perfectly balanced..... All in all the Parfums de Nicolai line has much more to offer as the great New York and after Baladin and a few others got more attention lately I think its time that also Pour Homme gets more attention!

    If you like fougeres, if you like lavender, if you like watercolours and pastels, if you like serene-melancholic scents, if you like the warm/cool interplay: give it a try!

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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    Thanks, Christian, for posting your impressions of this fragrance. The "melancholic/serene aspect" has definitely raised my attention!

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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    It's a very fine interpretation of lavender for men. Think of the fine
    blast of lavender you get from Caron Pour Un Homme, take away it's
    baby powder drydown, but add some mild sweetness in [perhaps
    like Egoiste] and you have a well balanced fragrance. Nicolai Pour Homme
    is neglected around here but deserves further attention. I think the
    problem is that New York is such an outstanding fragrance that it's tough
    for Patricia di Nicolai to top it. Still, Pour Homme is a worthy addition to
    her line.

    Of the three mentioned, Baladin is my least favorite, but it's
    still pretty good. I do believe my bottle was a bit old when I received it,
    judging by the style of the packaging and the scent of the top notes.

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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    Good fragrance.
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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    Finally got a bottle of this today (found it on ... after sampling a few years back and then struggling to find it.

    If you value it, look and buy. The PdN site does not list it, their stores in Paris do not stock it, and you'll likely have to beg through email to get your hands on any remaining bottles from their online sales (which an attendant told me was possible, but only while supplies last). Yes, this elegant, fresh lavender with a touch of the house mint (seen more recently in the EAU MIXTE and EAU CHIC releases), that Nicolai DNA of herbs, florals, and a creamy vanilla base... well it appears to be discontinued. :-(
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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    I read it was discontinued somewhere - if so, that's a shame. Still listed at Luckyscent from the looks of it.

    I like this and Oxford & Cambridge in summer - both are cooling lavenders. Jicky and Caron PH are great but not quite so handy if you are going to be out and about when it's 30c and humidity in the high 90s.

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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    I do not see it on luckyscent.

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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    This is Lavender done right.
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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    LS are only carrying the 100ml so my guess is they are close to running out, I picked up a couple of back-ups when I heard about the discontinuation (along with New York, which has now been reformulated) when they stopped listing it.

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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    I'm sad to hear this is being discontinued. It's one of my favorites.
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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    I have a bottle of this and think it's quite good, but then again I seem to enjoy everything in their line.

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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    I fell in love with it and then later on fell out of love with it.

    Once my nose zeroed in on the signature note that Patricia de Nicolai uses in many of her fragrances, including this one (Nicolaide?) then this was ALL I could smell. Perhaps I am hypernosmic to something in it? It has a scratchy, starchy, stiff chemical smell to it and it really rubbed me the wrong way - enough to overshadow the fantastic lavender/spice combo that this scent features.

    Do they make a Shower Gel for this scent? Perhaps I would enjoy that more.
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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    Very sad news, and I hope it will be subject to revision. How could they discontinue this beauty while continuing to produce new scents that are nice but nowhere near this?
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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    I confess this one just wasn't for me when I blind bought it a few months ago... It smells too much like mentholated muscle cream to me, and immediately found its way to my swap list. I love New York from PdN though...
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