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    Question Vintage Rochas Femme

    I currently own the Rochas Femme EDT - I am guessing the 'new' formulation. 'Inquiring Minds' including myself want to know - is the Vintage (old) Femme worth tracking down and purchasing? Or is the 'new' EDP not too bad? I know older perfumes lose alot of their top notes after a certain amount of time. Is there certain questions I should ask the sellers before purchasing?

    I don't mind the Femme EDT - I get alot of comments about it and it lasts for ages on my skin. But if the 'old' is that good, might be worth the trouble to get. Any thoughts?

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    if you love Femme by Rochas you should definitely try to find out more about its vintage version, in my opinion look for a extrait de parfum vintage, possibly sealed, the extraits represent a more authentic vision of classic perfumes. as you mentioned the other concentrations top notes might have worn off.

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    Thanks Jasmine. Is the Vintage alot different to the new formulation? Or even the EDP?

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    Depends on if you like cumin.
    New Rochas Femme has cumin. Vintage does not.

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    Thee new version is lighter than the original, so I've read. Its creator did not approve of the new fragrance. I am still unaqainted with the vintage, but my new EDT is just lovely if I get the right balance. The cumin note may be what makes it smell like sweaty socks if over-applied even slightly. I find it is a fine line between gorgeous and unwearable with Rochas perfumes, including Femme.

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    I love the current version in the EDP and have the vintage parfum...both are lovely and the vintage is worth sniffing. If I had to choose which I liked more it would be the current EDP. The current EDT is not as good, IMO, and when I first sniffed it I was going to "write off" the new Femme. The current EDP is really splendid
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    I've got the current EDP, and I love it. I'm not sure how relevant this is, but last week my Mum was going through some of my Grandma's old things (she died in 1999) and found a handbag spray of Madame Rochas parfum in the original formulation. She gave me it, and it's one of the most exciting discoveries I've made recently - dark and creamily floral with a soft musky, woody drydown. If you can find some, grab it!

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