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    Default Splashes

    I prefer splash/pour bottles to sprays. Years ago when a fragrance was launched it was available in spray and splash. Do any fragrance lines still launch with a splash or is that just a thing of the past? Your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Splashes

    Great question - not sure if I can speak for the fragrance industry (I'm not a SA nor do I work in fragrances), but I agree that you see more and more scents debuting only in sprays. Which is fine with me, I prefer sprays.

    If I recall, Serge Lutens scents come in a bottle with a screw off top that can be splashed and then they also come with a sprayer that you can screw onto the top of the bottle, to turn it into a spray. The first time I saw this I thought it was a great idea, because it would appeal to either choice. Most likely Serge Lutens can 'afford' this option at $100+ for a bottle of their scents.

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    Default Re: Splashes

    I never really paid attention, but I think most mini's are splashes as well as most larger flacons. I don't recall seeing any 30ml-120ml splash bottles recently.

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    Annick Goutal bottles have spray caps that can be unscrewed to splash the juice. At one time Lorenzo Villoresi bottles did too, but I don't know if you can find those for certain anymore.
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    JHL has a spray/splash option.

    Also Czech & Speake No 88 (possibly others in their range as well).

    So do the Miller Harris line.

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    Default Re: Splashes

    Mugler Cologne also has a splash/spray

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    Default Re: Splashes

    Caswell Massey has a number in both spray & splash.
    Sometimes I decant the spray into a mini & use the mini as a splash...

    Also the Royall line is available as both spray & splash.
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    Splashes are an essential part of applying the drugstore barbershop scents to me...nothing compares to cupping a whole handful of Pinaud Clubman onto the face and bod, as if it were water. For other fragrances, I definitely prefer the spray mechanism for precision in volume and placement. All the CK One variations have both spray and splash capability.

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    I seem to see splashes more often in aftershave densities then EDT densities. In some ways I expect that the Aftershave Balms have taken the place of the splash on colognes.
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    Default Re: Splashes

    Profumum has the splash/spray option, though I don't particularly enjoy it. They also have a couple of delicious barbershop colognes, Antico Caruso and Santalum.
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