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    Default Amouage Reflections

    I was able to test both of these this week and have to say that I am MOST impressed with the mens out have competition.
    This may be the best jasmine-related mens scent I have ever come in contact with. I am impressed. The way the notes are blended is masterful IMO...The smell is soft yet strong...Just a tiny whiff calms me down from the stresses of everyday life.
    Seriously...I'm not one who gives great reviews of scents....I find a hard time explaining how things make me feel but this one has got to be one of the best scents I have smelled in a long time....VERY GOOD.

    Try it out....I think folks will like this one.

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    Default Re: Amouage Reflections

    Thanks for the report!

    It's interesting to see that Amouage comes out with a jasmine oriented scent shortly after Montale comes out with Deluziont Les Hommes, which is a jasmine based scent sold only in the Gulf Arab states. The Montale is nice, but quite floral and sweet. Curious to see how the Amouage compares. In all fairness, though, the Montale is quite cheap, much less expensive than their regular line.

    I live in the Middle East and most Amouage fragrances are easy to find here. I'll look for this one tomorrow and give it the old sniffer test. I'll report back in this thread if I can find it.

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    Default Re: Amouage Reflections

    Where were you able to test it out rj?

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    Default Re: Amouage Reflections

    Noggs, the Montale scent sounds very interesting. A fragrance for men that is floral and sweet? Hmmm. I would love to try it!!! To bad I probably won't be going to the middle east in the near future. Why does Montale do that?

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    Default Re: Amouage Reflections

    Regarding Montale's Deluziont, this was posted by Killer_Vavoom back in June 2006:

    "I bought Deluziont Les Hommes today and find it to be the NICEST jasmine-based scent for men I have ever tried. It's dark and earthy but still retains that ethereal character."

    I did call it sweet, and it is, but it's not a cloying type of sweet. It's delicate but has an underlying seriousness to it. I agree completely with Killer_Vavoom's description. It is very floral throughout, but has a subtle, underlying richness that makes it masculine. It is, as he says, simultaneously earthy and ethereal. Sorry I can't be more specific about the individual notes.

    One of the better shops I frequent here in Saudi Arabia tells me that this fragrance is flying off the shelves, currently their best seller. People do like it!

    I'm not sure why this, as well as a few other Montale fragrances are marketed only in the Gulf area. This one seems perhaps a little more unusual than the others in that group, but I see no reason why it wouldn't sell elsewhere. Maybe they feel it's just too floral and not overtly masculine enough to appeal to the male market elsewhere. I just don't know.

    Still looking forward to trying the Amouage!

    Currently wearing: Tribute Attar by Amouage

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    Default Re: Amouage Reflections

    This one sounds very nice.

    How is the lasting power?

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    Default Re: Amouage Reflections

    parfumsraffy sent me a sample....
    Just good luck timing....I sent an email and asked about it and they said they had just received the 2 testers that they sent me out a 1ml sample vial of each....I have already ordered the mens...Just great stuff IMO.

    Quote Originally Posted by ziffy321 View Post
    Where were you able to test it out rj?

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