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    Default Re: Is Heritage the great grandchild of Jicky and Mouchier de Monsieur?

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    I believe the essential paradigm of Guerlain is creating partially situated identities out of actual or potential social reality in terms of canonical forms of human contact, thus renormalizing the phenomenology of narrative space and requiring the naturalization of the intersubjective cognitive strategy, and thereby resolving the dialectics of metaphorical thoughts, each problematic to the other, collectively redefining and reifying the paradigm of the parable of the model of the metaphor.
    Somebody in my American Studies Association workshop last year sounded like that for twenty minutes straight. I actually find myself relatively clear by comparison . Guess you won't be buying my book, though?!

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    Wink Re: Is Heritage the great grandchild of Jicky and Mouchier de Monsieur?

    Cheers to everyone who posted! From now on, wearing Heritage will be an illuminated experience.
    What is more post-modern than changing something's formula while keeping its original name? Is Habit Rouge in name only still Habit Rouge? Or is it just a perfect fake copy?
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