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    Default How dare you are!

    How dare you are to ask strangers of what they are wearing? For Basenoters like us, so into fragrance, once detect a great smell that you feel like you want to add it to your wardrobe so badly, what would you do?

    I had once asked a European who wore Boss Bottled. He was friendly so that was not a problem. But yesternight, the Indian man walking in front of me, had me scared as he was frowning, looking very moody. But his cologne smelled rich and seductive, really indescribable, even in my own language. I want to smell like that. But I didn't dare to ask. He would yell at me, it seemed.

    Please share your story, or, a practical technique to start a convervation that leads to one's secret.
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    Default Re: How dare you are!

    you have to ask! go stalk him. pack some mace/pepper spray if you have to.

    (or a bottle of lutens cedre as first line of defense)
    I think generally you should just ask flat out though. don't waste the person's time beating about the bush and making them think you're strange or in hot pursuit or something...
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    Default Re: How dare you are!

    I think most people would be flattered. I was buying a can of Coke from the newsagents one lunchtime when an older lady came in who smelled great. So I just asked her what she had one (it was Aromatics Elixir). I bought a small bottle but unfortunately, although nice, it didn't smell quite as good on me. Skin chemistry be damned!

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    Default Re: How dare you are!

    and anyway that's how 'I learned about mark birley which was my first HG double toothpicks.

    there's no more enticing way to discover a scent than this, to smell it on someone else and feel you have to have it for yourself. it's really the only time it's ever happened to me though. for some reason everyone I pass by seems to be wearing . . . degree antiperspirant at best.

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    Default Re: How dare you are!

    I always have to ask...otherwise it will continue to torture me wondering what if I had and could smell as good...HAHA...
    Always have to ask....always.

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    Default Re: How dare you are!

    I don't always ask, but on those occasions when it seems safe, I usually say something like "Excuse me, I hope you don't mind my asking, but could you tell me what is that gorgeous fragrance you're wearing? You smell wonderful" I've never yet had a bad reaction. Everyone I've asked so far has been only too pleased for it to be noticed.

    Unfortunately nobody ever stops me asks me what lovely fragrance I'm wearing myself. Perhaps I don't smell quite as fabulous as I imagine.

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    Default Re: How dare you are!

    I'll assume that you are correct in your belief that the person in question may become hostile towards you.

    If you really want to know, look around, locate a good looking girl and give her 10 bucks to go ask him for you.

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    Default Re: How dare you are!

    My experience: I once asked a girl, thought she was wearing Bvlgari Black. Her response: No, I don't wear any fragrance. Well, then I realized it was m e who had put on Bvlgari Black. Embarassing, yes, but: Errare humanum est.

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    Cool Re: How dare you are!

    if i wanted to know what someone was wearing, i may ask what they were wearing but before they can respond i would throw out a few niche names, some creeds or others. that gets their attention most of the time but it doesnt always work. just the other day a guy asked me what was i wearing and before i could answer, he says sean john!! now you all know what it was right. i laughed and said no, its the original, p diddy made a replica of this one. him and his buddy insisted that its sean john ( my neighbor .we have never spoke to each other before then) so we walked to my car and i introduced them to the gold bottle. he offered to buy my peeling gold bottle. they love some millesime imperial and i think he will make the switch from sean john to creed.
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    Default Re: How dare you are!

    Just ask.

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    Default Re: How dare you are!

    Ask away, most people are flattered when you do. If they aren't, well, you won't be talking to any of them anytime soon anyways, so feel free to ask them too.
    - Rich
    As always, disregard most of what I say. It's not worth your heart health to actually worry about what a 23 year old guy from Kansas thinks. Even if he is really ridiculously good looking.

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    Unhappy Re: How dare you are!

    Reminds me of an incident a couple of years ago. I was at a Historic race car meeting at one of Jonathan Palmer's UK circuits. He'd done a couple of laps in a glorious Lola T70 for fun and was walking back across the paddock. I found myself a few paces behind him. Race suits, being fireproof, can't be washed properly, or even dry cleaned. So they tend to build up an odour quite rapidly! Mr Palmer had clearly decided that he wasn't having anything nasty around him and had doused his suit with some scent or other. It was quite incredible, but I didn't pluck up courage to ask what it was...(and no, it wasn't just B.O.!) I've regretted not finding out ever since.

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    Default Re: How dare you are!

    I feel good when someone asks me what I am wearing if it starts with a compliment. If they ask with a wrinkled nose, not so good and that only happens when I am sampling and tend to over do it.

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